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Subject: Are "pop ballads" a thing of the past?

Written By: Marty McFly on 05/25/05 at 8:57 pm

All throughout music history, from the 50's through the 90's, there were always some nice ballads on the charts (ranging from soft love songs to power rock ballads and everything in between).

They were huge in the 80's, and even in the 90's with grunge, etc. many still became successful, but look around now. I couldn't imagine "Can't Fight this Feeling" or "I Wanna Know What Love is" being a hit today, yet 20 years ago they were everywhere (nice childhood memories too!).

Sure there's a few, but where are the pop love songs so big any random person on the street could sing them? If someone in the future were to make a movie set in 2005, and wanted to use a prom/slow dance song, what would they use? ;)

Even the ones that come close (i.e. "She Will be Loved") are more what I'd call "slow jams" (R&B-ish or just slowed-down pop). The last one of that nature I recall being a BIG hit was "I Knew I loved You" from Savage Garden, and even that was like 2000.

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