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Subject: Schnappy the Crocodile

Written By: jaytee on 08/28/05 at 4:40 am

I saw this on the music show Rage yesterday.  It was diabolical.  Has anyone else had the pleasure of hearing Schnappy??  :P

Subject: Re: Schnappy the Crocodile

Written By: JamieMcBain on 08/28/05 at 11:44 am

Unfortunatly.... yeah....

There was be a evil subliminal message hiding somewhere in the song, how else can it be explained than song based on a ring tone (yes, this means you too, Crazy Frog) is a hit?

Luckliy, it hasn't caught on in North America...




Subject: Re: Schnappy the Crocodile

Written By: Sean Glancy on 09/11/05 at 5:23 am

The Translation To English Is This:

I am Schnappy, the small crocodile.  Come from Egypt, is located directly at the Nile.  First I was appropriate in an egg, then schni, schna, snatched I freely for Chorus Schni Schna Schnappi Schnappi Schnappi snatch myself Schni Schna Schnappy Schnappy Schnappi snatch I am Schnappy, the small crocodile, have sharp teeth, and of it completely beautifully much.  I snatch yourself which I snatch can, I snatch too, because I can so well.    I am Schnappi, the small crocodile, I snatch gladly, that am my favourite play.  I creep to the mummy ran, and show it as I to snatch can I are Schnappy, the small crocodile, and from snatching, there war I not too much.  I bite the Papi briefly in the leg, and then, then sleep I simply

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