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Subject: West Wing Fans?

Written By: Lara Spencer on 10/28/05 at 2:39 pm

Does anybody watch?  I hadn't seen much the last couple of seasons, but now I'm getting into it again.
If anybody can fill me in, please do.

Whatever happened to Zoey and Charlie?  I saw one episode where they were back together, but the President didn't seem happy to see him coming out of Zoey's room.  He used to like that Zoey and Charlie were together -- what happened?

Did they catch the kidnappers?  What happened to the French boyfriend? 

What happened to Donna?  Why doesn't she work with Josh on the campaign?

Whatever happened with that campaign Sam Seaborn went to work on?  (Or was he running himself?  I don't remember.)

Thanks for answering any of these questions.  I might have more.

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