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Subject: psp or ds

Written By: annonymouse on 11/03/05 at 8:48 pm

ok i vote for psp cause im using it to make this topic  thats right ive got internet on my psp  wifi  ;D :D

Subject: Re: psp or ds

Written By: Mushroom on 03/11/09 at 6:07 pm

I voted for PSP also.

Of course, for me it has nothing to do with the games.  I bought one simply because it has SKYPE.  For the next year that is basically going to be my cell phone.  And it is easier to carry my PSP to the local hot-spot to make a call then to drag over my laptop.

But I do have a few games.  Final Fantasy Tactics, GTA: Vice City Stories, and The Sims: Castaways.

Subject: Re: psp or ds

Written By: batfan2005 on 03/12/09 at 5:38 am

Nintendo DS. I remember deciding which one to buy between the two, and going with DS. The main reason is because I've always been a Nintendo fan, and seeing previews for the New Super Mario Bros. to be released in 2006, that's what made it sold. PSP games have better graphics, but the simplicity of DS games makes it fun, and how it's like the old side-scrolling games of NES that I enjoyed playing.

Subject: Re: psp or ds

Written By: Stompgal on 03/17/09 at 12:52 pm

I voted for PSP because I own one. It is white, I had it as a Christmas present when I was 19 and I have these three games to go with it; 'Crash Tag Team Racing,' 'Cars' and 'The Sims 2: Pets.' When I get some more money, I'm thinking of buying some more games for it. I have 'Crash of the Titans' and 'The Simpsons Game' in mind.

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