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Subject: Atmosphere of the '00s

Written By: velvetoneo on 02/21/06 at 5:44 pm

-Lots of heavy, expensive-looking wood furniture.
-Modern furniture a la what's produced at Ikea and Target.
-Spare look with lots of white and bright colors.
-Posters on the wall and lots of densely layered designs but few things.
-Heavy fabrics and curtains (in upscale homes)
-Huge storage consoles that are not terribly cluttered.
-Sculptured interiors with partitions.
-Lots of textured woods and metals, granites on countertops.
-Inoffensive "New American" look with lots of huge kitchens, honey-colored woods, stainless steels, and huge furniture.
-Big windows.
-Large, slim-looking electronics dominating interior design scheme.

The '00s has been the first earnest return of true modernism since it died in the '70s.

Subject: Re: Atmosphere of the '00s

Written By: Jewel on 02/21/06 at 6:23 pm

Edwardian-style sinks and tubs
Space-saving furniture
Lights with dimmers
Huge gardens
Red-painted dining rooms
Kitchen storage carts
light "airy" curtains to allow light in or sans
pastel coloured kitchen appliances

Subject: Re: Atmosphere of the '00s

Written By: Donnie Darko on 02/21/06 at 11:18 pm

White, polished, and ugly.

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