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Subject: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: Donnie Darko on 02/28/06 at 7:09 pm

                                                      We Are Here

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: Roadgeek on 02/28/06 at 7:18 pm

2001: I Started Pendle Hill School & 9/11
2003: I became a roadgeek and had a great summer
2004: The year the decade went down the toilet. My dog died, we went broke, stolen lawn mower...
2005: Graduated middle school, became interested in the 90's...
2006: So far, not much except my favorite laptop went out. And I'll be leaving Pendle Hill in May.

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: velvetoneo on 02/28/06 at 8:07 pm

In my life or in popular culture?

I'll do my life.

2000: Parents got divorced, started 5th grade.
2001: Got into heavy metal.
        Fell in love for the first time.
        Started puberty.
        Fell in love with Steven King.
2002: Lost 30 pounds and grew 5 inches.
        Started middle school.
        First hard breakup.
        Got out of heavy metal.
        Moderator of Simpsons message board.
        Into writing poetry big time.
2003: Fell in with the "hipster" kids.
        War in Iraq started.
        Went to an academic camp and made lots of great friends.
2004: Fell out with the hipster kids, gave up on being cool.
        Made alot of online friends.
        Got obsessed with college admissions process.
        First theatrical experience.
        Gained 20 pounds.
2005: Came out to my mom.
        Parents finally became divorced.
        Got into sociology big-time.
        Went to a camp at Yale that I disliked.
        Wrote my first play.
        Lost 10 pounds.
        Started 10th grade.
2006: Erm, none. In the 00s!

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: rich1981 on 02/28/06 at 10:23 pm


2000: Freshman/Sophomore year at UCSD
        Into NOW CD compilations, Santana, Blink 182
        Trading Card Collecting  :-[
        Dropped my second Computer Science class (Only dropped 2 classesin total)

2001: Sophomore/Junior year
        Wore Glasses the very first time by Late March
        Subscriptions to YMCA and Kempo Karate
        Improved typing skills
        First paid job at Wendy's
        As a result gained 20 pounds (reached a record 250 lbs 2nd time)
        First time going to Jury Duty (wasn't assigned a case)
        Bought Nintendo Game Cube
        System of a Down's Toxicity
        Comic-Con in the summer

2002: Junior/Senior year
        Improved exercise habits and lost 20 pounds
        Went crazy over Offspring/Godsmack/POD/Linkin Park/Mana
        Studied and took the GRE for grad school preparation
        No more Trading Card Collecting  ::)
        Last Comic-Con visit
        First time in many years slept at 4 AM due to schoolwork
        Grad school preparation by getting recommendations from fellow profs

2003: Graduated B.S. in Computer Engineering by Spring
        Accepted and Started Grad school at UCSD
        Tutoring experiences in Computer Programming & Computer Graphics Courses
        First unpaid internship in VB.NET
        Went from high to normal cholesterol level just be eliminating fast food
        Lost another 30 lbs
        Kempo experience ended due to Professor's retirement
        Remembered hearing the song "Asereje" all over the place

2004: Acquired new laptop and cell phones
        Fainted during a phone call job interview  :(
        Failed Comps exam by 1 miserable point  :(
        Misaccused of providing solutions to another student (who was about to graduate)
        Teaching Assistantship positions in Computer Science (O.S./Compilers/Architecture)
        First Software engineering internship
        Gained 10 lbs
        Unfavorable Kerry/Bush Election result  >:(
        First blog by December
        (Overall a terrible year)

2005: Graduated Masters in Computer Science by Fall
        Teaching Assistantship positions in Computer Science (Compiler/Java Programming)
        No weight change
        Bought Ipod
        First visit to inthe00s in late July
        Younger brother graduates high school and gone to UC Santa Cruz
        Visits to Mexico City and San Francisco
        Got into 80's music

2006: Starting first full time position in March

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: quirky_cat_girl on 02/28/06 at 10:53 pm

ok...this should be interesting....


lost a bunch of weight
spent a lot of money preparing for a wedding (by myself might I add, I had to pay for the whole thing because "cheapo" refused to help)
married an asshole (my ex-husband)
moved out of my parent's house for the very first time
was attending college full-time, while working 2 jobs (waitressing & a receptionist/billing clerk at a chiropractic office)...while jerkoff was barely working at all. >:(


still attending school and working 2 jobs, but I changed my waitressing job to another restaurant
realizing what a jerk I was married to, as I was being very much mentally/emotionally abused by him
horrible events of 9/11
began gaining weight due to stress :-\\


met Chris (who was there for me all the time, during a very emotional and stressful time in my life)
wised up and filed for a divorce (it went through the same year)
moved back in with my parents for the time being
went down to South Carolina to visit my relatives
still waiting tables...I had quit my other job, and took a break from school (couldn't handle it emotionally/mentally)
got my first tattoo (hurt like hell, but I love it)
stared regaining my self-worth


still dating Chris, exclusively
introduced Chris to family/friends...started getting back into the swing of things
Chris proposed to me atop of Mt. Washington (at a lookout, with the great view of the city of Pittsburgh...very romantic ;))
still waiting tables
got our tongues pierced
moved in with Chris for a few months.
quit my job


Got married in January
moved to a little apartment about an hour away from my parents
started getting my side business together and running
moved once again from the apartment, to a duplex out in a little country town
In March, my nephew Vaughn moved in with us as we made the decision to raise him together


Discovered Inthe00's in January of this year...went crazy posting! ;)
Continued progressing with my side business, as I remained a stay at home "mom".
Found out that our landlord was selling the duplex that we were living in, but wanted WAY more than what we could we started looking for another place to live.
Decided to attempt to purchase a house, instead of continue renting.
Found a house rather quickly, that was perfect for us....went through many ordeals...BUT, obtained the house and moved in May.
Started fixing things/decorating, etc. in our new home.

2006 I am...still posting Inthe00's...still decorating and loving our home....still working at my business....this year will be 2 years that we have been raising Vaughn (and we have discovered the many ups and downs of parenting)....we are planning a trip this summer (just Chris and I) to go down south to visit my relatives for about 10 hoping to get back and finally finish school...but that won't be until Vaughn enters kindergarten.

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: GoodRedShirt on 03/01/06 at 3:37 am

- Everyone realises Y2K was a hoax (But everyone was too drunk to care...  ::))
- Forth Form Year (10th Grade) at school
- Turned 15

2001 & 2002:
- Again, pretty boring. First 2 years of major High School examinations. Managed to pass both (only just: it what happens when you spend too much time on things other that school)

- Last year in high school. Kind of an exciting, yet sad year (knowing I won't see many people again come next year)
- Moved across town
- Passed Bursary (The highest High School qualification)
- Applied for my courses for 2004
- Graduated school forever!

- Is when things started to change.
- Moved again
- Started my courses in Architecture. Realising how big a step 'college' is from school.
- Passed the first year with flying colours!
- Although a rather boring year, socially
- Found inthe00s.  8)

- Started posting majorly on inthe00s.
- Probably the most boring year since 2002.
- Voted in an election for the first time.

- Final year of my course just beginning
- Moving house (again!) soon
- Hopefully get out more
- Also get a job, earn some money and move into my own place.

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: whistledog on 03/01/06 at 12:39 pm

- Began my 5th year of college
- Graduated from college with a certificate in Legal Office Administration

- Went back to college to finish off my General Arts certificate (I was only 3 courses shy)
- Graduated from college a 2nd time with a certificate in General Arts & Science

2002 & 2003:
- Got a temp job working for the Provincial Government

- was let go from my job due to government cutbacks
- Got random temp jobs
- discovered messageboards

- worked more random temp jobs, one after the other
- got banned from a messageboard I belonged to for over a year
- found inthe00s, so it all evens out 8)

- too soon to tell what will happen this year

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: 90sto2000sfanrob on 03/17/06 at 4:31 am

2000: Starting hanging with my friend john who got me into skateboarding and got me out of wearing Fuba and thugging out, had a girlfriend I really liked, graduated from middle school, had a great summer, entered high school, met some of my current friends, etc.
2001: Best year of my life so far! Had some of my greatest times and had two great girlfriends. Basically skateboarded every day, hung out with friends, went to California, had an excellent summer, entered 10 grade, met some more kids from other towns I still talk to, etc. Just a great year all around. The best so far this century.
2002: Entered 11th grade. Continued skateboarding and basically hung out with my friends. Released a skateboarding video, my grandfather died who loved very much  :\'( and basically continued what I did the years before
2003: Continued skateboarding and had some more great times and a girlfriend I really liked a lot. Too bad it only lasted two weeks lol. But 2003 was a great year.
2004: Got my dog, got my drivers license, my Aunt died, got into movies and started watching contemporary and classic ones, graduated from high school sad, sad, Etc, etc.
2005: Not much this year. Started community college, saw less and less of my high school friends who I had the best times with, etc. A good year but mostly forgettable.
2006: Good year so far. Good grades, a couple nice lays lol, dog turned 2, and I continue to just skateboard, work and go to school.

2000, 2001, and 2002 were the best, 2001 being the absolute best. I have so many great memories from 2001.

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: Stompgal on 03/17/06 at 7:34 am

I turned 13
My grandmother died
I started Year 9 at high school

I saw steps in concert for the second time just before they split
I won tickets to a Party In The Park gig in Cardiff
I started my GCSE subjects

Went to Stratford Upon Avon and Alton Towers with my school
I got a PS2 for my birthday
I got into bands and artists such as Gareth Gates and Sugababes
I went on holiday to Majorca

I got 9 GCSEs
Returned to the Sixth Form, but left after one term
Made the decision to go to college the following year
Went to my first adult class (Home Management)

I started college to do a diploma in Multimedia
My summer holidays were longer
Started suffering from mental illness (Hypomania)

I turned 18
I completed my diploma
I started to find college harder hecause I got mentally ill again
Started going to more adult classes in the week

Stayed at a house in Weston-Super-Mare for a few weekends
Made the decision to live in London later in the year

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: Kyle23 on 06/20/09 at 8:27 pm

Now I have the complete decade

2000:  My grandparents had moved from a farm into town.  Had auction on farmhouse.
2001:  9/11, got cat, had a flooded front yard in the spring
2002:  Basically a boring year.  Went into a summer rec thing for a few weeks.
2003:  Graduated elementary school and started middle school.
2004:  A long run of dentist visits, a very cool summer.
2005:  Had summer school, went to football game, town was torn apart, got almost arrested by the cops
2006:  Grades improved, high school drama, was recruited into gang, etc.  Was a MySpace freak.
2007:  Grandpa died.  Other grandparents moved to the resthome, got out of the gang and made new friends, got iPod, joined the track team
2008:  More old people moving, lots of drama in high school, very great basketball season.
2009:  Graduated from high school, skip day, got drivers license late, the prom, going into college this fall, basketball almost went to state, etc.

Subject: Re: Make any '00s Timeline

Written By: LyricBoy on 06/21/09 at 7:28 am

2009 - The suspected resurrection of Donnie Darko, or a clone thereof.

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