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Subject: "Fizzies" to Return this Summer!

Written By: ultraviolet52 on 05/03/06 at 1:54 am

From an online article:

"Wouldn't it be grand if we could drop a tablet in a glass of water and have an instant soda pop?" After long hard work, they finally figured out how to combine the right combinations of fruit flavoring, sweetener, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (a substance that is much like baking soda) into a magical tablet that when dropped into water, turned water into an instant sparkling, effervescent fruit drink!

Fizzies were made in grape, cherry, orange, punch, berry, lemon-lime, and root beer flavors and 8 tablets cost 19 cents. Unfortunately Fizzies contained the sugar substitute cyclamate. In 1968 the FDA banned the use of cyclamates citing research showing that cyclamates caused cancer in laboratory animals and the company went out of business.

They returned in the mid-1990s containing NutriSweet, a substitute 200 times sweeter than sugar.  A new company purchased the formula and reintroduced them to the market in 1995. It was short lived because the company went out of business and all of the inventory was gone by late 2001.

Subject: Re: "Fizzies" to Return this Summer!

Written By: KKay on 05/03/06 at 8:44 am

love them.
want them need them love them.

Subject: Re: "Fizzies" to Return this Summer!

Written By: Marian on 05/03/06 at 2:44 pm

I remember them as a kid.Easier to store than canned soda!

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