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Subject: Rock Family Tree

Written By: Donnie Darko on 05/20/06 at 10:44 pm

Here's my rock family tree:

Subject: Re: Rock Family Tree

Written By: whistledog on 05/20/06 at 10:53 pm

I don't get it  ???

Subject: Re: Rock Family Tree

Written By: velvetoneo on 05/21/06 at 12:18 am

I think you need to include the following genres:

British Invasion
Noise Rock
Hardcore Punk
Prog Rock

Subject: Re: Rock Family Tree

Written By: Trimac20 on 05/21/06 at 3:55 am

Here's my rock family tree:

Sorry DD, but I think you're a little confused here  ::). I'm no musicologists, but I could point out a lot of things which are - well, wrong with your family tree. It would take too long tho...

But here's my super-brief geneology of rock:

        The two main parents of Rock'n'Roll - the most 'direct' forebearer or predecessor of modern rock were of course the Blues, and the other was Swing. Blues gave it it's soul, and Swing it's Rythm (well, that's a very broad generalisation). Rock'n'Roll gradually evolved into 'Rock' - more adult orientated music, in the early 60s (though it wasn't completed until a while after). It's debatable whether rock music must contain guitars; most say it does, but it usually must contain a steady beat...About 80% of today's 'popular music' is sort of rock based; true non rock genres include techno, electronica, wholly synthetic dance/trance music, some reggae/dancehall, hip-hop and rap. If one says that any music with electric guitars and a 4/4 beat (though it's not a rule) is rock, than alot of 'pop' is essentially rock music.

      But that's probably not the whole idea of your thread  ;). I don't know how all of today's current rock genres originate from 'Rockability'? lol. And Punk, Disco and 70s Progressive rock sort of combined to form 'New Wave', which contained alot of genres. Grunge's forebearer is more so 70s 'Heavy Metal' - so called 'Classic or Stadium' rock more so than 70s punk, though it borrows heavily from the latter. Hair Metal/Death Metal/Heavy Metal was also an offshoot of the 70s Rock.

      Psychadelic also originated at a time when the term 'Rock' was first coined. You see, before the early-mid 60s most popular guitar-based music was usually called 'Rock'n'Roll' regardless of its actual qualities. There was no 'pop rock' back in the 60s, the term applied more to ultra-commercial artists who used the conventional rock backing. Psychadelic has most in common with true 'Rock Rock' - we're talking Hendrix, Deep Purple, Cream, the Who, the Rolling Stones...


Subject: Re: Rock Family Tree

Written By: GoodRedShirt on 05/21/06 at 5:56 am

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