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Subject: The Legendary Pink Dots new CD

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 06/03/06 at 11:10 pm

There's a new CD from one of the most important bands of the last quarter century--and one of these least heard! My favorite band for 15 years running:


The title of the new CD is
Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves


LPD has gathered a following as loyal as followings gathered by bands such as the Grateful Dead and Phish. The following while just as loyal is quite a bit smaller. I hate the term "cult band" because there is no cult. If you go to a Pink Dots show you'll see everyone from Goth kids to old hippies to geeks like me. I don't call them alternative or underground as they've been labeled  over the years. As Edward Ka Spel of LPD replied, "I don't know what we are alternative to or underground from!"
The most frustrating question I get from the unitiated is: "Well, what do they sound like?" I can site influences the band has sited themselves--Syd Barrett, early Pink Floyd, David Bowie,  progressive rock--such as Gong, Can, Faust, King Crimson, and Soft Machine. I can say you'll probably like LPD if you like The Cure, Radiohead, Frank Zappa, Einsturzende Neubauten, Fad Gadget, Skinny Puppy, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Edgard Varese, early Laurie Anderson, Musique Concrete styles...
In other words, I find attempts at comparisons blend into white nose and become useless. LPD is unique...and that means unique. They have explored dozens of styles from the early days churning out cassettes recorded with cheap instruments and equipment, to their higher budgeted albums processed with beautiful precision. Plenty of bands have tried to sound like LPD, none have really succeeded.
Who are The Legendary Pink Dots? The only consistent members from the start to present is the nucleus of Edward Ka Spel and Philip Knight (aka The Silverman). Other members come and go...and come back again!

The world of Legendary Pink Dots awaits you...

Subject: Re: The Legendary Pink Dots new CD

Written By: whistledog on 06/16/06 at 1:14 am

Wow!  I haven't heard of the Pink Dots in a long time.  Hopefully their new CD will be a success for them :)

Usually, when legendary bands re-emerge with new material, it gets lost in the shuffle of today's crappy music  :\'(

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