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Subject: "Preppy" now vs. preppy before

Written By: MtOlivePickles on 06/29/06 at 3:37 pm

When most people my age (20) or younger say "preppy" or "prep", they tend to be thinking of stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and so on. But thing is, I've never associated those stores as being preppy. I've always thought of preppy as being like... slinging your sweater over your shoulders and pleated skirts and polo shirts; kind of "old-school" preppy, so to speak. Abercrombie kids just seem to be more like more high-end versions of casual clothes--you could pull off the "preppy" look now by shopping at, say, Old Navy for less than you could at A&F or Hollister.

Any thoughts? This is such a random post...

Subject: Re: "Preppy" now vs. preppy before

Written By: Marian on 06/30/06 at 1:26 pm

I think preppy can mean nice jackets,button down shirts,not wearing anything so smmal l it shows your butt.

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