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Subject: why psch sucks

Written By: snozberries on 07/18/06 at 9:24 pm

PSYCH is a new show on the USA network.

Since he was a young boy, Shawn Spencer has been trained by his father, a police officer for Santa Barbara City Police Department, to observe the minutia of every detail surrounding him.  Shawn grows up to be a con man and learns he can make money by posing as psychic and using his "talent" to solve the crimes SBPD is too inept to solve on their own. 

Although I hate the show James Roday has quirky likabilty... too bad he is stuck in this series.

Apparently technical accuray was not important to the people behind this show.

What didn't they get wrong?

1. The officers chevrons are on upside down (chevrons are the stripes that signify rank- 3 stripes for a SGT) They are supposed to point up not down.

2. No self respecting law enforcement would leave a man handcuffed in the lobby

3. The report talks about a series of break-ins at an electronics store...this suggests that SBPD was investing a rash of stereo burglaries. Yet Shawn and several personnel at the department refer to the frequently incidents as robberies.  Seriously people there is a difference!

4. A suspect in Santa Barbara would be taken to the county jail not city jail to the best of my knowledge SBPD doesn't have holding cells.

5. Santa Barbara doesn't have a wal-mart so Shawn and Gus would have to drive 440 minutes out of their way, "on their way home" to stop at wal mart for new binoculars

6. Channel 8 is the local cox community channel and while it does air the local NBC news broadcasts I seriously doubt many people are watching that instead of getting the news directly from KEYT (3) KSBY (6) or KCOY (12)  but as you can see Santa Barbara most certainly does not have a channel 5.  Channel 5 here is the WB it comes from LA and therefore is not local news.

7. When the interim Chief talks about investigaiting a Summerland Chop Shop. Apparently she forgot that Summerland is near Carpenteria and is most definately Santa Barbara Sheriffs jurisdiction

8. No self respecting offficer would wear dangling earrings - especially dream catcher earrings that go past the collar.  not only is this  an officer saftey issue - It is a violation of departmental niform policy.


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