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Subject: Bring Back the 90s!

Written By: TheBlackGuy.returns on 10/05/06 at 9:51 pm

Here's an Eye weekly article entitled Bring back the '90s

" In the realm of popular style and design, the '80s was the tackiest, most hideous decade of the century. Just when we'd managed to finally shake it off, it's being resurrected. Except now there is no counterculture left -- like punk rock or gay radicalism -- to refute it, or mock it, or to escape to. . . we're stuck in a simulacrum, an empty re-creation without context or underpinnings."

This pretty much sums up my feelings towards this current decade

Subject: Re: Bring Back the 90s!

Written By: AstronautXKid on 10/06/06 at 9:14 pm

Whether it's the 90's that are coming back or the 80's or even the 70's, cultures and society always flicks back to those years. The trends from back then suddenly become the "in" thing. And I hope it does come back, I feel I missed out on the best years the world had seen (60's to 90's), I was born to video games, violence, fast food, media and the teleivision. Sure, some of this existed back then but today it's much worse. I would like to see the 90's back, or any culture from earlier then that.

But even if it happened, I doubt it will ever be the same.

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