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Subject: birdman

Written By: PinkysBrain on 11/08/06 at 1:49 am

hey, did you guys get the new harvey birdman yet? it came out like a month ago. i had it on my xmas list, but I couldnt wait coz season 2 is my favorite, so i endd up buying it for my self. and Im glad i did. I love the unaired parts and theres an idiot dressed like birdman stripping too wich is way too hilarious.

Subject: Re: birdman

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 11/09/06 at 12:58 am

"Harvey Birdman, attorney at law" is a riot.  I haven't watched much TV lately, but I look forward to catching up with the "Adult Swim" block.  I remember watching reruns of the original "Birdman."  He was one of those second-rate superheroes conconcted in the '60s for Hanna-Barbera.  The big guys like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman started off as comics with backstories.  "Birdman" was came about with TV executives saying, "we need a superhero series for kids, make us one."  Hence "Birdman and the Galaxy Trio."
That's why the "Harvey Birdman" spinoff features those minor HB cartoon characters from the same era, Peter Potamus, Blue Falcon, Hokey Wolf, etc.

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