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Subject: Its an old topic, but Teresa Hedlund, the sole survivor case from Auburn WA

Written By: liltimmy420 on 05/01/07 at 8:48 pm

OK, I read some postings here and there, and decided maybe it was best if I set some things straight. I knew everyone in the car that night, except Teresa. Some postings said she was the only sober one, not true. They were all partying at Teresa's mothers apartment, not Teresa's. Once her mother came home, she kicked them all out. If I came home and found 6 underage kids drinking in my house and my over age daughter was there "officiating" I would call the police and have them all turned in. Point blanc. End of story. Now that a horrible tragedy has occured, we all want to look in retrospect and place the blame on someone. I take the blame. I was not there to offer advice. You can have some blame, too. You didnt warn your kids, who may have been firends with the others in the car, to tell their friends what happens when you drink and drive. Too bad Andy Warhol has passed away, he could have taken horrifying accident scene photos that would make us all stop driving, let alone drinking and driving. In the future, I ak from all of you, don't rely on media for the truth, they are corrupted. And dont use your lips to make a point, use logic. You think any sober person would let any one of the 6 trashed kids get behind the wheel?

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