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Subject: Axl Rose's Lawyer Blames Fans for the delay in releasing Chinese Democracy

Written By: agoraphobicwhacko on 05/08/07 at 6:23 am

To all Roses of Velvet members(and our guests):

Last night, Roses of Velvet was contacted by the attorney who represents Axl Rose and Guns N Roses. It was in regards to leaks, the possibility of leaks, and the buying and/or selling of those leaks. At his request, threads regarding this situation have been removed.

Although Roses of Velvet has always been about its members being able to express their feelings and post whatever they want, we ask all of you as a community, at this particular time, to respect this volatile situation and to not start threads regarding imminent leaks, the buying/selling of Chinese Democracy, and/or the possible trading of demos from the forthcoming Guns N Roses album.

We hope everyone will remain respectful and cordial concerning this serious matter.

In addition I'm sure many of you are wondering exactly what was said in the email that was sent to us, unfortunately i cannot quote him directly, at the attorney's request, but I can give you the gist of what was said, as he has given me permission to do so.

This is me (Neemo) paraphrasing him:

Wheels are in motion for Chinese Democracy's release and the matter of the unreleased material leaking to the fanbase is very important to Axl and Guns N Roses and he has constant vigilance over the forums to try to contain the songs from being leaked as they are not the final versions which he wants us to hear...the more time spent patrolling the forums and enlisting his lawyers aid to contact people about this matter, the less time there is to finalize details of the album's release. Furthermore purchase and selling of the material is under copyright infringement and aiding of the sales and distribution of unreleased works is also illegal. He told me, and these are his exact words, "We've all waited this long for the album, we should be patient enough to wait to hear it in its final form. As far as the release of the album goes, all I can tell you is that I honestly believe we are getting close."

The Roses of Velvet Staff,4936.0.html


This is ridiculous. Now we know why its taking so many years for them to finish this album. The band spends all its time on the internet looking for people who might leak songs.

By the way, 2 days after this letter was posted, four songs leaked.

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