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Subject: Mad Men

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 09/08/07 at 12:01 am

I rarely follow a series, but "Mad Men" about the advertising business in 1960 caught my interest. 

I do think it's a well-made show.  The characters are not likeable to me.  I think this is the intention.  People who succeed in advertising, such as Don Draper, tend to be pricks. 

They try a little too hard emphasize the differences between now and then.  They show more smoking and drinking than there actually was, especially at the workplace.  They also seem a little gleeful about a bygone era when sexism was the norm and sexual harrassment considered flirting and making time. 

They are also developing a back story on Don Draper in which he is a child of the Depression, ran away at an early age, and refuses all connection with his past, when he wasn't Don Draper.  They are also contrasting the Madison Avenue with Greenwich Village beatnik scene.  Although it's a little far-fetched to get Don Draper caught up in that scene, even as an observer, I think it's a positive step by the writers to demonstrate that not all Americans were on board with the sugar-coated plastic paradise driven by the advertising business.

Have you seen it?  Any thoughts on it?

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