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Subject: Americal Idol 08

Written By: snozberries on 01/30/08 at 8:01 pm

I don't know have we started a new American Idol topic for this season? If so I will lock this but otherwise

Lets start ripping on the hopefuls....OMG is it me or do the auditions get worse every year?

I sound like Mariah Carey....not
I sound like Paul Robeson...yeah....if Paul Robeson stuck his head up is ass and started singing.....

I loved the hopeful last year who claimed to have used Randy and Paula's instructional DVD as a vocal coach....dang that person sucked!

I know there are people who audition just so they can get snubbed by the judges that way they can make an ass of themselves on national TV... I am not talking about those people we'll never be rid of them.

However, there are people who genuinely want to make...need to make it and believe that they have the talent to make it....these people astound me.

They are the ones I simultaneously feel sorry for and laugh at the hardest.

What are they thinking...better still what are their family and friends thinking?  Do they really truly believe that the hopeful can sing or do they not have the heart to crush the dream?

I say crush the would hurt to hear from mom, dad, sis, bro or friend that you cannot have NO talent but I'd rather hear it from them than have them allow me to embarrass my ass on national TV...

If everyone who is SERIOUS about auditioning for idol would just video tape themselves singing a capella at home then review the tape...if they can watch that tape and say okay I have talent or at least promise.  show the tape to random people on the street...if they don't laugh at you then okay audition. 

But if you look at that tape and can honestly say I didn't know I sounded like that then please, by all means, stay the hell home!


Subject: Re: Americal Idol 08

Written By: ~NeonFire372~ on 01/30/08 at 8:35 pm

;D Yeah, some of the auditions that aired tonight were just ridiculous.

Subject: Re: Americal Idol 08

Written By: snozberries on 01/30/08 at 8:40 pm

I'm a little behind... I just watched the couple who met at the idol auditons a few years ago...

HER: should I not sing at family functions.

SIMON: If I were in your family I'd ask you not to.  ;D

Subject: Re: Americal Idol 08

Written By: snozberries on 01/30/08 at 11:59 pm

SIMON: Why did you have your finger in your ear?

RANDY: To stop the pain. TO STOP THE PAIN!  ;D


OH they have American Juniors auditioning for Idol?

Jeez I there were a couple of good kids on that show...only one of the good ones made it in the group... poor Lucy Hale getting stuck with those other untalented kids but she's on Bionic Woman now...although that's probably canceled now.

Wonder where the other talented ones are.  Chantel and I don't remember the other one the boy with the hair... AJ maybe? He was cute. I expected him to get a Disney series or something.

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