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Subject: Jericho

Written By: Spirit of 76 on 03/13/08 at 12:20 am

Is anyone here a fan of the TV show Jericho?

For those who don't know or haven't followed the show, it's basically about a midwestern town that survives a nucluar holocost destroying 23 US cities and the federal government durning a state of the union. Season one dealt with the town having to survive a winter by itself and has to defend itself from mercenaries and the neighboring town. In the second season Jericho is saved by the 10th Mountain Division and a "Blackwater" style corporate army. They learn that the country has been divided into 3 countries -

1-The Allied States of America.
Capital: Cheyenne
An increasingly revisionist goverment made up of the states west of the Mississippi except for Texas. They refer to themselves as the 2nd Republic and is the government that Jericho, Kansas finds itself in.

2-The Republic of Texas
Capital: ?
Region being woo'd by the Alliance due it's Military units and Oil. The heroes are now on a mission to convince Texas that the powers behind the Alliance are also behind the war.

3-The United States
Capital: Columbus
Government made up of Northern States East of the Mississippi governed by the remainates of the former administration. Viewed by some as weak because they tried to find out who was behind the nucular holocost while leaders in the west launched a full nucular response against N.Korea and Iran.

4-The "Blue Line"
UN protectorate along the Mississippi River controlld by UN troops.

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