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Subject: New definition of "bumping uglies"

Written By: quirky_cat_girl on 05/30/08 at 12:21 am

Richardson Air Force Academy grad shares chest bump with President Bush

When the moment finally came to meet the most powerful man in the United States, Theodore Shiveley had just two words for him: "Chest bump."

As the Richardson 22-year-old's class of Air Force Academy graduates streamed across a stage, many asked President Bush to do something unusual for them.

Some stashed pens in their socks so he could sign their hats. One even called his parents and asked the president to say hello on a cellphone.

Lt. Shiveley opened his arms and got the president to engage in a hearty chest bump with him.

"Hey, it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance," said the newly minted second lieutenant, who graduated from Plano East High School. "It was there during the ceremony when we saw other people doing stuff, and I thought, 'Well, let's one-up everybody.' "

As the president and the new graduate saluted each other a few feet apart, "I just hit my chest and said, 'Chest bump,' " Lt. Shiveley said. "And I gave him a little body language so he knew what I was about to do, so I didn't knock the president on his rear."

Lt. Shiveley admitted he had some reservations about smacking into the commander-in-chief.

"I didn't want to get shot by the Secret Service for jumping the president," he said.

"And then I thought, 'Ah, what the hell.' "

Subject: Re: New definition of "bumping uglies"

Written By: Dagwood on 05/30/08 at 6:41 pm

Classic.  Say what you want about the mans politics, but not many politicians would go for that. ;D

Subject: Re: New definition of "bumping uglies"

Written By: thewolrab on 05/31/08 at 6:23 pm

Wow, honestly I saw this image somewhere else before I knew about the article, and I had thought it was a fake... haha.

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