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Subject: 34 Days Left until National Wave Mega Event

Written By: LyricBoy on 05/31/08 at 7:20 am

There are only 34 days until the coast-to-coast mega event, "The National Wave", hosted by pro wrestling personality Hulk Hogan.

At 9:00PM pn July 4, tens of millions of ordinary Americans will join the Hulkster in a show of national unity by waving their official Uniting Towels.

The National Wave

On Independence Day, (Friday, the 4th of July) 2008, beginning at 9:00pm EST and lasting 15 minutes, the first-ever simultaneous NATIONAL WAVE™ will take place across our great nation. From border to border, coast to coast and beyond, proud Americans everywhere will be waving THE OFFICIAL UNITING TOWEL OF AMERICA™ in unison..

From sea to shining sea, this trademarked spectacle will be the largest unified occurrence of its kind, EVER!

The National Wave, a soon-to-be historic mega-event was created to symbolize America’s ongoing passion for unity and freedom.

The Freedom Group of America (FGA) and official spokesperson for the National Wave, Hulk Hogan are asking all Americans to share in their dream of uniting our country on July 4th, 2008 to celebrate our birthright and good fortune of being a free American… to bring back the feeling, the spirit and the very meaning of our nation plus serve as a proud example of unity and respect to our neighbors… a starting point for future growth.

How the FGA’s uniting goal can be achieved on a national scale is the focal point of our quest…

Two reasons that seem to bring masses of people together for a common cause are sporting and charity events. At these events, it is very common to see the name or logo of a team or charity imprinted onto a rally towel. This towel, then, becomes a symbol of your approval, excitement and overall happiness with the event taking place.

What better way to show the world our commitment to freedom here, in the United States, than by creating and participating in the “largest rally” ever assembled; THE NATIONAL WAVE! It will exemplify that which is long overdue and it’s time we, as Americans, unite for a common cause to celebrate what has made our great country the envy of the free world in the past and… with everyone’s help… in the future!

Hulk, the FGA and millions of proud Americans realize our nation has never been as torn and divided as it is right now. It’s time to SHOW the world that America “the beautiful” can and will come together as one!

Hence, on September 3rd, 2007, Hulk and the FGA launched the National Wave concept in Freedom, PA (its official birthplace) before a score of national media and thousands of patriotic, towel-waving Americans.

During the National Wave “Main Event” this July 4th, Americans (just like you) around the world will unite, no matter their differences.

Subject: Re: 34 Days Left until National Wave Mega Event

Written By: LyricBoy on 06/28/08 at 8:42 pm

Sadly, The National Wave mega event has been cancelled, due to personal problems with Hulk Hogan.  :(

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