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Subject: What are the odds of having a druggy mate in 2008? Christina Applegate..

Written By: saver on 07/05/08 at 9:41 pm

According to TMZ Christina Applegate is going through grief as her boyfriend died from a drug OD.

Years ago I recall her on the Tonght Show all giddy abolut her 'cheeky monkey' whom she married and (poof), that went South.

So her latest was Lee Grivas(?) and this happens....whether she didn't care he was a user or was attracted to him enough to overlook it, (I just think she is an attractive talent that many CLEAN guys would flip over!)

Aside from her 'choice' of men, just thought a topic would be:  How many druggies do you think are out there, in case you were thinking of seeing someone, then finding out-THEY'RE A USER?     

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