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Subject: LET'S EXPOSE THE DECEPTORS IN ADVERTISING!Call your local news tip reporter

Written By: iquestion on 09/09/08 at 9:20 pm

As a consumer advocate, looking for what is fair in our world..little or large..I ask if you want to help your local news with this tip:

News departments usually have one of those guys/departments who look at frauds, bad deals, things that are not what they seem.


I left word to do a story on fast food restaurants who do not deliver what they show in their picture/ad of what they are presenting.

Case in point, at select ARBYS restaurants, they advertise in picture and commercials a Bar-B-Que sandwich..mmmm, right?
Beef(? ;D) piled dripping with sauce with a bun top and bottom that don't even touch.

I ordered 2 of these at separate times and was served a sandwich that resembles a hamburger FLAT buns touching no sign of meat until you bite in, and complained to management!

I want what's in that picture!!! They tell me CORPORATE OFFICES tell them how much they are allowed to put on the sandwich so that's what we get!

Another 'cheap practice' place is SUBWAY..when I ordered a small sub, no toppings or flavorings-it messes up the taste to me..I got a roll with 3-4 pieces of turkey for $3-$4!!!

Again the small sandwiches are only allowed to have a certain number of slices- whether you want to fill it over with lettuce, onions etc that will make it the size of a shoe..But I just want a MEAT SANDWICH!!

It's 2008! Let's get these stores and others exposed for their deception!

Hope to hear more stories on the news of 'busting them' until they feed us properly ...or give us what we're promised!

Subject: Re: LET'S EXPOSE THE DECEPTORS IN ADVERTISING!Call your local news tip reporter

Written By: Red Ant on 09/09/08 at 9:40 pm

Add telemarketing to the list, iquestion. Good post.

BTW, some Subways will try skimp on meat. I wish I could remember the amounts of the various meats they are supposed to put on 6" and 12" subs, but I only worked there 4 hours about 5 years ago. A 12" ham sub gets 8 slices of ham.

Extra meat = extra money.

FTR, Arby's is what you feed your dogs when the stores are out of Alpo.


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