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Subject: Why does the Internet still not have widespread respect?

Written By: Marty McFly on 09/20/08 at 5:29 pm

Even though the 'net has been popular since 1997/98 (not to the extent it is now, but you know) I've noticed people still don't take it seriously sometimes.

In other words, even after 10 years there still tends to be misconceptions about people who go online alot. Like people might say "Oh that guy must be a loser who doesn't have a life", or if you meet/become close with someone, they'll say "Oh you don't really know them, they could be a transsexual." I have personal experience with that one now, lol. Not just from 60 year olds either, young people too.

I'm not suggesting that porn addicts, weirdos, liars, pedophiles, or losers DON'T exist or make up a percentage of who goes online (I'm sure they do), but I think the bad side still tends to be people's primary picture of someone who hangs out online alot. I know negative things make news way more than positive stuff does, but you'd think with how established it is, some of the criticism would subside. Why do you think it hasn't?

Subject: Re: Why does the Internet still not have widespread respect?

Written By: 80sfan on 09/20/08 at 7:40 pm

People are bored and need something to criticize. Some people don't even know what they are talking about and go along with what others say, which is stupid.

Subject: Re: Why does the Internet still not have widespread respect?

Written By: snozberries on 09/21/08 at 10:31 am

because no matter how swing it... and I love us all but hiding in a dark room typing furiously to people you've never met in lieu of going out in the world and getting that "face time" is anti-social behavior.

I said it in another thread here.  I used to talk to a friend of mine who spent more time in chat rooms than interacting with the world. She was avoiding the world....and in a lot of way when I started coming here I was avoiding the world too.

I don't have a lot of real life friends anymore. Most of my friends live an hour to 5 hours away. I don't have a lot of hobbies that generate making new know I don't bowl or golf and I haven't joined a book club.

I go to TV show events in LA and make friends there-but most of those people live in other states so they are now online friends too.

The thing is- its easier to hide from the world. online friendships are different. We stick a hand out of our cocoon and hope someone reaches back but we are still safe.

Now having said that I was surprised to find that you can make real friends online.  And I have made some good friends here but I don't think you really know someone until you talk to them...rather than type to them...and also see them...because once you learn everything about them - their ticks, their quirks (no pun intended  ;) ) and their cues you still don't know them...

Subject: Re: Why does the Internet still not have widespread respect?

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 09/23/08 at 6:40 pm

It's all up to how you use the Internet.  I do everything from read history articles on wikipedia to surf for porn. 


As for the assorted criminals and pedophiles, they're under the delusion that the Internet affords them more anonymity than the "real world."  Unfortunately, it does sometimes.  However, I hope all those catch-a-predator Datelines did at least SOME good in discouraging that kind of behavior. 

It's like any city.  If you go down to the redlight district with all the hookers and three-card monty players, you're going to get rolled.  Just like you have to teach young people street smarts when they start going to the city, you have teach kids 'net smarts when the start surfing the web. 

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