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Subject: Best and worst of 2008.

Written By: JamieMcBain on 12/31/08 at 4:14 pm

Best films

The Dark Knight
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Get Smart
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Iron Man
Pineapple Express
The Strangers
Tropic Thunder
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Be Kind Rewind

Worst films

One Missed Call
Speed Racer
Lost Boys: The Tribe

Best TV shows

Miss Guided
The Mighty B!
True Blood
The Mentalist
Life on Mars 

Returning shows

How I Met Your Mother
Two and A Half Men
The Big Bang Theory
My Boys
King of the Hill
The Simpsons
Corner Gas
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
South Park
CSI: Miami
Criminal Minds
The Office
Battlestar Galactica
The Sarah Silverman Prgoram
Penn & Teller: balony!
Two and a Half Men
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Ghost Hunters
Rescue Me
Everybody Hates Chris
Deadliest Catch
My Gym Partner's a Monkey
My Name Is Earl
Robot Chicken
The Boondocks
Burn Notice
The Colbert Report
Late Night With Conan O'Brien
Daily Show With Jon Stewart
30 Rock
Pushing Daisies
The Soup

Worse TV shows

Transformers: Animated
The Return of Jezebel James
Welcome to The Captain
A Shot at Love 2 with Tila Tequila
Knight Rider
Kath and Kim
Women's Murder Club
My Kid's a Star
Secret Talents of the Stars

Returning Shows

E!'s Pam: Girl on the Loose!
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Flavor of Love
Pussycat Dolls Present:
Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Subject: Re: Best and worst of 2008.

Written By: batfan2005 on 12/31/08 at 9:12 pm


Best - The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Prince Caspian, Jumper, Wanted, Get Smart, Wall-E, Role Models, Yes Man!, Four Christmas

Worst - Speed Racer, Be Kind Rewind, Semi Pro


Best - Terminator: SCC, Office-Season 5, Family Guy-Season 7, American Dad-Season 4, Lost-Season 4, Paris Hilton My New BFF (guilty pleasure)

Worst - Any reality show (besides Paris Hilton My New BFF)


Best - "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay, "Stop and Stare" by One Republic, "Say" by John Mayer, "Shake It" by Metro Station, "American Boy" by Estelle, "Good Good" by Ashanti, "Great DJ" by the Ting Tings

Worst - Don't really have any songs that I disliked in 2008 (unlike 2006), but I didn't really care for "Lollypop" by Lil' Wayne that much


Best - Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid IV, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Worst - Didn't have any games that pissed me off this year


Best - Return of early 90's style mini-dresses

Worst - Probably anything emo


Best - I can't think of any trends that says 2008. The most recent trend I can think of is the iPhone. I'll have to say the retro 90's styles is a trend I've been noticing that's good.

Worst - Anything related to emo, and any trend related to McCain/Palin (except for Halloween costumes)


Best - Barack Obama elected president

Worst - The economic crisis

Subject: Re: Best and worst of 2008.

Written By: woops on 12/31/08 at 9:41 pm

Best cartoon:

"The Mighty B!"

Worst cartoon:

"Total Drama Island"

Best animated film:

"Wall E"

Worst animated movie:

Only seen two animated films in the past year, though the second "Masasgascar" was mediocre

Best music video:

Ting Ting "Shut Up & Let Me Go"

Worst music video:

Duffy "Warwick Avenue"

Subject: Re: Best and worst of 2008.

Written By: whistledog on 12/31/08 at 9:44 pm

Best New TV Show:  Flashpoint
Best Movie:  Get Smart
Best Music Video:  'Watch Out!" by Alex Gaudino featuring Shena
Best Song:  "Daddy's Gone" by Glasvegas
Best Album:  "Skydivin" by Darren Styles

Subject: Re: Best and worst of 2008.

Written By: JamieMcBain on 12/31/08 at 10:04 pm

Best video games:

Fable II, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bully, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Indiana Jones Lego


None yet.

Best songs:

"Viva la Vida" by Coldplay, "Stop and Stare" by One Republic, "American Boy" by Estelle, "That's Not My Name" by by the Ting Tings, "1234" by Feist, "Paper Plane" by M.I.A.  "Who’s Gonna Save My Soul" by Gnarls Barkley, "Run" by Gnarls Barkley,  "Going On" by Gnarls Barkley, "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, "Heartless" by Kanye West, "Human" by The Killers, "Down To Earth" by Peter Gabriel  and "Happiness" by Goldfrapp.

Worst songs

"Lollipop" by Lil Wayne, "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls, "Womanizer" by Britney Spears, "Circus" by Britney Spears, "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" by
Ashlee Simpson,  "Low" by Flo Rida, and "Like Me" by Girlicious, and "Got Money" by Lil Wayne and T-Pain.

Best trends

The whole retro late 80's/early 90's thing, just as long as the puffy shirts, never make it big.

Worst trends

Anything emo.

Favorite celebrities of 2008

Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segal, Anne Hathaway, Steve Carrell, Keri Russell, Conan O'Brien, Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer, Robert Downey, Jr., Feist,
Michael Phelps, David Letterman, and Stephen Colbert.

Most overated celebrities of 2008

Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Pussycat Dolls, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Palin. Amy Winehouse, and Girlicious.

Favorite moments of 2008

AC/DC gets an number 1 album with Black Ice, Guns 'N Roses final release their album, Michael Phelps at the 2008 Olympics, one of my friends, Liam Parsons wins an olympic medal, my mom and her boyfriend, get married, and Barack Obama becomes president.

Least favorite moments

The financal disaster of 2008 and Stephen Harper gets re-elected.

Subject: Re: Best and worst of 2008.

Written By: batfan2005 on 01/01/09 at 7:46 am

I would add Katy Perry as another best of 2008.

Subject: Re: Best and worst of 2008.

Written By: tv on 01/01/09 at 6:22 pm

Best of 2008:

Obama Gets elected

Music shows signs of promise of getting better for the 2010's.

Ringtone Rap dies.

Best song of 2008:

Check Your Coat by O'Neal Mcknight and Greg Nice

Best TV show show: House


Gm and Ford wake up and make cars that are competitive with the imports finally in the US car market.

Best sports moments of 2008:

Giants Wide Reciver David Tyree cathing the ball with his helmet in the Giants Super Bowl Win over the Patriots.

Paul Pierce wins a championship with the Celtics and cries after the Celtics beat the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

The USA Basketball Team(Redeem Team) wins the Gold Medal at the Summer Games

Worst of 2008:

The economy

Bernard Madoff

Elliott Spitzer

OJ Simpson

Worst song of 2008:

Womanizer by Britney Spears

Worst fashion trends:

Pro Basketball players wearing Tatoo's on their necks,  or on above their ears.

Worst TV show: any celeb reality shows

Subject: Re: Best and worst of 2008.

Written By: Stompgal on 01/02/09 at 10:41 am

Best films of 2008:

Be Kind Rewind
What Happens In Vegas
Horton Hears a Who!
Kung Fu Panda

Best songs of 2008:

Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah
Leona Lewis - Better In Time, Forgive Me, Run
Ting Tings - That's Not My Name, Be The One, Shut Up And Let Me Go
McFly - Lies
Sugababes - Girls, No Can Do
Girls Aloud - The Promise
Pink - So What
Britney Spears - Womanizer, Piece Of Me
Nickelback - Rockstar (UK release in 2008)

Best TV shows of 2008:

Come Dine With Me
The Simpsons
The Dog Whisperer
Bear Behaving Badly
Charlie and Lola
Space Pirates
Dog Borstal
Ruby Gloom

News stories


Barack Obama wins the Presidential Election
The VAT rate decreases
Cheryl Cole becomes an X Factor judge
Some Sky channels (eg Sky1) return to Virgin Media


The Credit Crunch/Financial Crisis
Conflict in Georgia, Kenya and India
More soldiers die in Afghanistan
Jeremy Beadle, Mark Speight, Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes die
Weston-Super-Mare Pier burns down

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