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Subject: What caused TV themes to become just a shadow of its former glory?

Written By: yelimsexa on 01/06/09 at 1:40 pm

From around 1950 all the way through to around 1995, new shows introduced would have an elaborate opening usually accompined by a catchy theme song that
services as an identity for that particular program. The '50s and '60s had lush orchestral music to guide viewers to say "Mom, the show is on!"; joined by catchier, more vocal themes for the '70s, '80s, and early '90s.  However, I believe excess greed for TV beginning in the mid-1990s has caused TV themes to all but disappear; little did I know at the time that Friends and ER would have some of the last great theme songs at the time. Yes, some shows still use some electronic instrumentals (albeit for a brief period), but most stuff just gets caught in the "split screen". With Television viewing in general seriously down for Generations Y and Z, adding new TV themes would really be needed to lure young people back to the sets rather than surfing on Youtube or listening to Podcasts. Of course, I believe eventually the TV and Internet will merge sometime in the second half of the 2010s to benefit the younger generation; TPIR about a year ago already showed such an item as a prize.

And I agree the DTV switch is overhyped. All it is is somewhat better resoultion and having a wider aspect ratio, and TV ratings continue to decline despite the approach of the switch.

Subject: Re: What caused TV themes to become just a shadow of its former glory?

Written By: snozberries on 01/06/09 at 7:51 pm

with more time being made for commercials the producers had to find time from somewhere... episodes are now shorter. An hour long drama used to be 47-50 minutes.  now they are 41-43 minutes  and a 27minute comedy is now 22 minutes.

one of the places they made cuts is from the opening theme.

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