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Subject: "Orphan" The Film (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Written By: SoulAsylum on 06/03/09 at 8:34 pm

Actually looks like a pretty decent film.  It looks like it has a good story, good acting and overall good direction.  I'll go see it in the theatre, and based on my hypothesis, I conclude that I'll enjoy it.

However, I'm a little annoyed by Hollywood's constant infactuation with shocking and surprising it's audience with twist.  Perhaps if they weren't so frankly obvious, it'd be different.  However, I was able to figure out "Orphan's" twist, without having to give it much thought.

In the previews they say at least once if not a few times, "You'll never guess her secret".   

Now watch this

I guess I have to admit that I'm a writer, and I know the way writers think.  I've taken screenplay writing classes and understand the element of the three act-structure.  I've also seen enough previews to know that Hollywood gives out way to much information in their suspenseful thrillers.  It's not hard to figure out at all, you just go back and rewatch the preview picking up on subtle clues and hints.

You'll notice that the little girl wears clothing that is out of date.  Clothing that an adult would wear.  You'll notice that she thinks and acts like an adult.  You'll notice that in a preview she comes onto the father, much like a person older than 9 or 10 would do.  You'll notice a scene where the mother is talking and she says, "What was she doing there" and it appears that she is referencing a mental hospital.

I was amazed and still am by the number of people who weren't able to figure this out pretty easily.

It's very simple as to what Esther's secret is. 

You have figured it out right?

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