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Subject: Sacha Baron Cohen sued over new Bruno movie

Written By: Philip Eno on 06/04/09 at 6:17 am

From BBC News Online

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued by a woman in the US, who claims an incident that occurred while filming new movie Bruno left her 'disabled'.

Richelle Olson claims she was severely injured during filming following a struggle with Baron Cohen and his film crew at a charity bingo tournament.

The legal action, filed in California, alleges that Olson, 37, now needs a wheelchair or cane to move around.

She is seeking unspecified damages of more than $25,000 (£15,275).


The legal action accuses Baron Cohen and NBC Universal, the studio behind the forthcoming film, of assault, battery and fraudulent misrepresentation, among other charges.

The incident took place in Palmdale, California, after Baron Cohen - in the guise of Austrian fashion pundit Bruno - was invited to take part in a bingo tournament raising money for nursing students.

According to legal documents, Ms Olson tried to remove the microphone from Baron Cohen after he began using obscene language while calling a bingo game.

She claims the actor pushed her over and she was surrounded by cameramen, who attacked her, all the while continuing to film.

Ms Olsen alleges she ran from the stage and later fainted in a side room, hitting her head and suffering bleeding in her brain.

Representatives for Cohen and NBC Universal have declined to comment on the allegations.


It is not clear whether the subsequent footage will feature in the movie, which opens on 10 July.

Baron Cohen's previous hit movie, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, also led to a number of legal actions against the star and studio.

Last year a New York judge threw out claims by a driving instructor and two etiquette teachers, who featured in Borat, after determining they signed agreements releasing filmmakers from liability.

According to Ms Olson contracts were signed between herself and the Bruno film-makers, but she claims they were completed under "duress".

Subject: Re: Sacha Baron Cohen sued over new Bruno movie

Written By: whistledog on 06/05/09 at 11:55 am

Friggin' Sacha Baron Cohen.  That guy is England's answer to Tom Green.  A non funny comedian who makes stupid movies, and never seems to act normal in person.

I hope he gets sued for all he's worth :D

Subject: Re: Sacha Baron Cohen sued over new Bruno movie

Written By: Ashkicksass on 06/08/09 at 10:42 am

I think he's great.  There's always someone that's looking to make a buck off of someone richer and more talented than they are.  I hope this lady loses.

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