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Subject: Best. Standoff. Evar. (Westwood, CA)

Written By: Foo Bar on 08/13/09 at 11:56 pm


And then it got funny.

The ultimate game of Punch Buggy took five hours, during which commentators warmed up by talking about eating duck brains. 

Robots fell over and had to be rescued.  An awesome chopper pilot talked about restaurants where they served crickets, and dropped both an S-bomb and an S-O-B-omb, live and direct, and mentioned he was "stroking it ( the controls, you perverts, get your mind outa the gutter) with his left hand" because "his right hand had cramped up".  And one idiot singlehandedly took on the entire LAPD, two of their robots, their bomb squad, the FBI, the SS, the UCLA cammpus cops, while armed only with a red VW Bug.  In 120-degree temperatures, he survived 9 hours in a 120-degree car, wearing a gas mask to fend off four attacks with tear gas, water cannon, pepper spray, a Tomahawk sonic screamer, multiple assaults by robot, all the while being streamed live across the Intertubes from a series of helicopters, many of which ran out of fuel and had to hand coverage off to their replacements, before the lulz finally ended. 

"That guy's a stud."
  - The last helicopter pilot, flying away shortly after the party ended, and the LAPD had stripped the guy down to hose off the pepper spray residue.

And finally, after leaving his blinker on for six hours, this poor bastard in the black car finally got to make his left turn.

Subject: Re: Best. Standoff. Evar. (Westwood, CA)

Written By: Red Ant on 08/14/09 at 1:01 pm

VW's new slogan: Wanted Driver!

Great post, Foo Bar. I missed all the excitement yesterday.


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