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Subject: America's Got Stupid? . . .How the heck???

Written By: Below Average Dave on 09/16/09 at 9:17 pm

Maybe it's just me. . .I don't know, I'm not a huge fan of country music . . .but Kevin Skinner?  Seriously?  Of the ten acts that made the final, America picked Kevin Skinner?  Am I the only person who thinks he sings worse than a Saturday Karaokee version of Black Velvet?? 

He is flat as can be, unpolished, and I'm sorry--I can't stand his vocals, he seems like a nice guy and all--but his 'talent' should not have beaten out any of the 9 other acts, much less all of them.

Barbara Padilla is a fantastic singer who effortlessly sings goosebump raising ballads, Recycled Percussion is exciting and vibrant, The Texas Tenors bring a unique style to dull pop songs, The Voices of Glory were fantastic, Hairo Torres does dance moves I've never seen a human do, The synchronicity of The Fab Five is amazing, Grandma Lee is hilarious, Laurence Beaman reminds me of when soul had soul, and Drew Stevyns has a perfect voice for rock ballads. . .yet the winner was a flat noted Kevin Skinner who you couldn't pay me to sit through an hour of. . ."You Were Always on My Mind"--his semi-final performance, had more nasal in it than my early work, and that's sad. . .

So from now on, I'm calling "America's Got Talent", "America's Got Stupid"

Subject: Re: America's Got Stupid? . . .How the heck???

Written By: quirky_cat_girl on 09/16/09 at 10:43 pm

I agree! I thought for sure that Barbara Padilla would have won...she was AMAZING!

Subject: Re: America's Got Stupid? . . .How the heck???

Written By: MrCleveland on 09/19/09 at 4:04 pm

They have been since...Reality Shows took over!

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