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Subject: Reflection on the 2000s - Chronicling the Decade

Written By: JFK-2004 on 11/29/09 at 1:32 am

I was recently reflecting on the past ten years, since we are about to enter a new decade, and trying to determine which years were the kindest to America and which were forgettable.  Also, if you could summarize each year of the decade with one word or phrase, what would it be?  Here are my selections:

2000 - Electile Dysfunction
2001 - Terror Time
2002 - The Bin Laden Blunder
2003 - The Iraq Invasion
2004 - 1980s in the 2000s
2005 - Tropical Trouble
2006 - Nothingness (I'll think of something better later  :))
2007 - More School Shooting Hysteria
2008 - 1930s in the 2000s
2009 - This Is Bad, Real Bad, Michael Jackson

Subject: Re: Reflection on the 2000s - Chronicling the Decade

Written By: MrCleveland on 11/29/09 at 2:31 pm

Here's how my decade went....

2001-Great...until 9/11
2002-Okay, I got a real job.
2004-Okay, but should've been better.
2006-Worse, this was like the Sega CD.
2007-sheesh, this was like the Sega 32X since that was when my grandfather died and I couldn't find a job.
2008-Much Better...until the end of November.

Subject: Re: Reflection on the 2000s - Chronicling the Decade

Written By: joeman on 11/29/09 at 5:28 pm

I liked the early 2000's a lot.  Hated the core years of the 00's but 2009 seems to have a different vibe than any other in this decade.

Subject: Re: Reflection on the 2000s - Chronicling the Decade

Written By: 435wtr on 11/29/09 at 6:29 pm

2000-I was 9, so everything seemed absolutely fine to me
2001-9/11 was a big deal, we talked about it during recess, but before september the year was fine
2002-Now that I look back on it, IMO it was a really conservative year, not my style
2003-7th grade, not good times
2004-8th grade, awkward times
2005-High School, everyone was shocked by my no longer high voice
2006-One of the better years for music in the 00s
2007-the last year I felt a sense of economic stability
2008-senior year, stock market crash, but other than that a good year
2009-Graduation and college, probably the best year for me this decade

Subject: Re: Reflection on the 2000s - Chronicling the Decade

Written By: Kyle230 on 11/30/09 at 9:20 pm

2000- still very, very late '90s....peak of pop era, Web 1.0 peak, etc.
2001 - not as good as 2000, 9/11 pretty much changed everything
2002 - Recovery era - very conservative, patriotic, and we actually liked Bush
2003 - Pretty much a transition period...early part a lot like 2002, later part starting to get the mid 2000s flait to it
2004 - Pretty good year...very fun year of of the 2000s
2005 - Peak 2000s
2006 - Very high ecomony...everything was prosporous, but we hated Bush
2007 - More liberal movement coming, darker year of the 2000s but still good year...really hating Bush
2008 - Obamamania, being green, elections, crash in ecomony, extremely high gas prices....sucked during most of the summer and fall, started getting alright about November
2009 - Pretty much the pre-10s....Swine flu, Micheal Jackson, raver now it is the '10s

Subject: Re: Reflection on the 2000s - Chronicling the Decade

Written By: 80sfan on 11/30/09 at 9:41 pm

2000- The economy peaked in March 2000. The end of the boom years. It kinda feels like 1999. Teen pop peaks, Nsync and Britney are everywhere! Controversial 2000 election.
2001- Recession. Pretty fun year for me. Post 9/11 things changed fast!
2002- Reports of priest abuse of young boys, anthrax attack, Washington sniper.
2003- Can we say crunk? War in Iraq starts.
2004- A very fun atmosphere for this year. Summer was great! Tsunami!
2005- Youtube is created. The whole myspace and facebook thing is huge! Hurricane Katrina. Does Bush really care about black people Kanye?
2006- Britney goes crazy and is everywhere in the news for the next 2 years. Sorry, it's 9:49 at night so I can't think straight!
2007- Virginia Tech shooting. Bush hate is STRONG! Signs of economic turmoil. By the end of the year Miley Cyrus is a big star.
2008- Things start to feel different as we slowly transition into the 2010's. Obama is huge and the election is everywhere in the news. I like this year personally. Lady Gaga. Economy sucks in late 2008.
2009- By this year autotune is everywhere. Obama begins term. Huge flood in England? Economy still sucks.

Subject: Re: Reflection on the 2000s - Chronicling the Decade

Written By: batfan2005 on 12/01/09 at 4:01 am

2000 - The world didn't end, still partying like its 1999
2001 - 9/11
2002 - Scandals (Enron), color-coded terror alerts
2003 - Freedom (fries or anything French, Iraqi Freedom)
2004 - "Yeah!" (Usher)
2005 - MySpace/YouTube, Katrina
2006 - Annoying ("You're Beautiful" by James Blunt)
2007 - More annoying crap (Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chirs, Mims, etc.)
2008 - The crash, "Yes We Can!", McPalin (fundamental, mavrick, "my friends", Joe the Plummer)
2009 - Preview of the early 2010's, first of the Obama years, Michael Jackson

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