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Subject: obscure MTV Show

Written By: Bryan on 04/14/10 at 2:59 pm

I used to watch this TV show and cant think of the name of it. It was on MTV, in the early 2000's right around when Tough Enough and the Osbournes were on. It didnt last but 5-6 epsidoes. It followed a guy who used to get out paying for stuff and cut corners in his life. I remember he used to always use his laptop in the bathroom cuz that was the only room that his computer would pick up his neighbors signal, so he didnt have to pay for internet. He would always get out of paying for dinner, cab rides, etc...I think it was the guys name as the show....Please help, Ive been racking my brain and burning up Google trying to find it...Any help would be appreciated!

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