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Subject: OED words coined between 2005 and 2009

Written By: yearofthemonkey on 02/06/13 at 12:15 am

auto-tune, v. (2009) to edit someones voice with Auto-tune software

belieber, n. (2009) Justin Beiber fan

birther, n. (2008) A believer in one or more conspiracy theories, holding that President Barack Obama is not a "natural born" citizen of the United States, and therefore ineligible for the presidency. From "truther."

bodysnarking, n. (2008) to rudely talk about a persons body or body parts, whether in private or directly at the person.

bragabond, n. (2006) A person who boasts excessively about their travel experiences.

brokeback, adj.
(2006) homosexual, or of a homosexual nature

copypasta, n. (2006) A derogatory term for forum posts which contain a direct or nearly direct copy-and -paste of memes, posts from older forum discussions, or other materials. copy+paste+pasta

crowdsourcing, n. (2006) the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers

Cyber Monday, n. the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday, which, according to legend, is the biggest day for online sales, paralleling Black Friday. Not supported by statistics.

death panel, n. (2009) bureaucrats who would supposedly decide whether terminally ill Americans were worthy of medical care under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Coined by Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

deather, n. A believer in the "death panel" conspiracy theory.

DWT, n. (2005) driving while texting.

enhanced pat-down, n. (2005) Full body pat down as part of airport security procedures

fail, also epic fail n. (2008)  An embarrasing failure

fobbit, n.   a soldier stationed in the rear, a REMF (see 1971). Fobbit is a blend of the acronym for forward operating base + hobbit.

foot tapper, n. (2007) (also toe tapper, n.) A man who solicits sex in a public restroom by tapping his feet to signal men in the other stalls. From the "foot tapping incident" involving U. S. Senator Larry Craig of Idaho.

forever stamp, n. (2005)  first-class stamps that would continue to be honored regardless of future rate increases, first issued in 2007.

gauge up, v.  to increase the diameter of a piercing

Haji, n. (2005) native of a Muslim country.

hike the Appalachian Trail, c.phr. (2009) “to have a tryst with one’s mistress,” was briefly popular in 2009 after South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford used it as an excuse to explain his whereabouts when he had actually been visiting Argentina with his mistress.

hopey-changey adj. (2008) derisive way of refering to the feel-good elements of the Obama campaign.

humblebrag, n. statement that purports to be self-effacing but in fact reveals a person's wealth or importance.

hurrication, n. (2005) Evacuation from a hurricane, esp. the various hurricanes hitting the Southern United States in 2005.

julie, v. to organize an event. From the character of cruise director Julie McCoy on the U. S. television series The Love Boat.

kinetic event, n. milit. (2008) A violent occurrence, from the kinetic energy of a bullet or other projectile.

Kosher phone, n. Rabbinically approved cellphones. Usually with limited internet and messaging abilities.

locavore, n. (2006) the name given to people who take part in the growing local food movement.

LOLcat, n. (2007) Image macros of cats with humorous captions, often with substandard spelling and grammar, as popularised by the website

lulz, Laughs. For pure enjoyment (as in the phrase "do it for the lulz")

make it rain, v. (2006) a hip-hop display of wealth, in which a rap star or other big spender hurls paper money into the air at a club, allowing it to fall among the other patrons.

man crush, n. (2005). A non-sexual infatuation by one man for another.

manbiguous, adj.
A man of uncertain sexual orientation

moof, n. (2007)  "mobile out of office" Workers using their office network or the internet while not being physically in their workspace.

mooner, n. (2008)  those who believe the Apollo moon landings were a hoax.

omnishambles n. (2009) a situation of total disorder.

public option, n. (2007)  a proposed a proposed government choice for health care insurance.

rickroll, n. and v. (2007) A prank in which a disguised internet link leads one to Rick Astley’s 1987 music video Never Gonna Give You Up.

sexting, n. (2005) The sending of sexual explicit messages and photos via moble phones.

Skype, v. (2005)  to make calls through the internet

swiftboat, v. (2005) Make a  dishonest, personal and unfair harsh attack on a political opponent. From the campaign of the "Swiftboat Veterans For Truth" against John Kerry in 2004.

teabagger, n. (2009) Member of the tea party movement. Originally created by members of the movement, based on the practice of sending tea bags to politicians, but later become a derisive term, due to the association of the sexual act of tea-bagging.

tea partier, n. (2009) Member of the Tea Party movement, late 00's movement dedicated to Constitutionalism and small government

trend, v. (2009) exhibiting increasing interest, especially online interest, to become trendy or hot.]\

truther, n. (2006) One who rejects the accepted explanation of the events of 9/11

truthiness n. (2006) the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true

tweet, n. (2007) a short post on Twitter

tweet, v. (2008) to post on Twitter

vegansexual, n. (2007) A vegan who refuses to have sexual relations with a non-vegan.

YouTube, v. To upload on video-sharing website Youtube

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