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Subject: Anybody remember these commercials that I'm talking about?

Written By: tatertawt24 on 06/09/13 at 5:48 pm

There was this weird commercial campaign, I don't know when it started and ended, I just remember seeing them a lot in January and February of 09.

It was always like, this person sitting on the couch, and there's a closeup of their face, and their jaw drops in slow motion. Then it shows... idk I guess they were watching TV or something, but it was like the stuff on the TV was 3D and coming out of the screen towards the person sitting on the couch gasping like an idiot.

There was one in particular that had this girl with gigantic fish lips opening her mouth and she looked so stupid.  ;D I remember dying when I first saw it and watching it on youtube all the time. I'd love to find it again and favorite it, but I can't look it up cause I don't remember it well enough, and putting keywords from the description on google comes up with nothing.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?  :D

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