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Subject: Anybody remember watching VeggieTales on TV?

Written By: MilkTheCouch on 01/27/15 at 1:47 pm

When I was eight years old, there was a great Saturday morning block on TV called qubo on NBC. It was a mixed bag of shows from different companies. My favorite show on there was VeggieTales (However, the intro calls it "VeggieTales on TV"). Without further ado, here's the intro to the show:
This version was the same as the video series, but it had some alterations. For example, anytime they mentioned God would be cut out and a few scenes would be cut, but it didn't bother me as a kid (maybe except for one plot-hole causing cut in Larry-Boy! And The Fib From Outer Space)-it was awesome! It also took place at Bob the Tomato's house, and they would usually get mail from Jimmy Gourd, who would sing "Mail, mail, here is your mail, it's here in my bag, not in bucket or pail, I bring it through snowstorm or blizzard or gale, for I am the one who delivers your maaaaail!". After reading the letter from the child, one of their friends would come over and try to attempt to solve it in a bizarre manner that would change depending on the episode. The most frequent was Mr. Lunt's Paco the Storytelling Mule segment, where he would tell a ridiculous story with puppets on popsicle sticks. Archibald Asparagus' segments were another thing that would happen, where he would read ridiculous stories from his Big Book of Oddities, which he got from Oprah's Book Club. The final segment was Pa Grape's films, where he would show old films gag-dubbed with nonsense dialogue, such as "Donuts and You". After the rotating character segment failed to teach a lesson, one of the actual VeggieTales videos would be shown. You can see some of these clips on YouTube
Does anyone else besides me remember this version of VeggieTales? It still airs on the Dish Network channel KTV, and I would love to see it again.

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