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Subject: Greatest WWE PayPerViews - Of THE 2000's

Written By: the2001 on 04/27/17 at 8:15 pm

Here is my official list of the greatest WWE pay per view events of the 2000's,feel free to chime in and share
any thoughts you have. Each Pay per view has an unique ranking according to how broad the event effected
culture and wrestling. Here is my TOP 5 list.

5) Wrestlemania 16- 2000
Despite Stone Cold still injured, Wrestlemania 16 was the talk of the school. At the point the WWF was at the highest
popularity it have ever been. The Rock at this time surpassed Stone Cold Steve Austin has the most popular star of the WWF.
Everyone in school was talking about Wrestlemania 2000 EVERYONE. Despite the ending being sheeshty, this ppv deserves
to be placed on here on hype alone.


4) New Years Revolution 2006-
The ending of this match blew up the internet, Edge came out and cashed in his money and the bank and beat Cena.
The Internet literally stopped following this pay per view.


3)WrestleMania X8- 2002
Hulk Hogan Returned to the WWF to Face The rock after being gone since 1993.
Despite the WWF losing popularity during the second half of 2001 this event HAD
EVERYONE TALKING. The hype for this event was unreal.

2) Wrestlemania 17- 2001

Is often listed as the greatest event of all time in Wrestling. This is the night the attitude era ended as Stone Cold
joined Forces withVince and turned heel. Memorable moments about this event is WCW was bought by WWF
days before the event (infact the entire WCW roster was at Wrestlemania 17). The WWF was never the same again
after this night.


What more can be said about this ? The return of HBK after being injured for 5 years. This whole summer consisted of
the HUGE build up of Brock Lesnar vs The Rock. At this time Brock Lesnar was being built as a superhuman machine.
In the match the crowd actually turned on The Rock (turning him heel) the rock told the Fans to F off during the match
making one of the most memorable pay per views of the 2000's.


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