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Subject: Pre-2005 TV had more bullying

Written By: xris on 08/11/18 at 7:15 pm

Is it me or was there more bullying, peer pressure and jocks/cool ppl vs the outsiders in youth shows in the early 00s compared to 2005-present? In many of pre-2005 shows even some main characters were barely likeable with a smug, hollier than thou attitude (OC and One Tree Hill come to mind). Most also looked more like models while Disney stars were normal (Miley, Selena and Demi just became beautiful as adults but were average as kids).

Even on Disney I noticed it. While Lizzie McGuire was preachy and goody-goody, Miley, Sonny and Alex were more quirky and didn't take that mutch sh*& from others. No one laughed at Sonny for the gap in her teeth for ex. The guys on So Random! would've seen much more bullying was it made in the 90s or the early 00s.

Scenes like the one in Popular where a main character steps and walks over an obese student certainly became rare after 2005. Less bullying on TV and thank God for that! :)

I also didn't like the oh so perfect main characters of most older shows and how they got away with murder (the jocks on Tree Hill were total jerks). There's more acceptance of quirks and being a non-jock these days. Also nerds, geeks or just regular kids not in sports are no longer treated as scum on TV by their popular friends.

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