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Subject: What The Early 2000's really felt like (The True Story)

Written By: John Titor on 08/17/18 at 7:55 pm

I see a lot of misconceptions on the early 2000s based on the photo albums I have been doing, let me set the record straight
to tell my story how it really felt VS pictures. Feel free to agree or disagree with my observations.

- 2000 felt like the 90's (in almost every way)
-Teen Pop died before the Summer ended in 2001
- DVD hype was real, PS2 was many peoples first DVD player
-People stopped watching WWF shortly before the Invasion but tuned back briefly in early 2002 for Hogan's comeback.
- 2003's transition to the mid 2000s was long and had growing pains culture wise.
- Big increase in Sexual energy around late 2001 due to films like American Pie 2
-  Gameboy advance did not become a hit until SP
- People stopped watching Toonami before it switched to only Saturdays
- People used to steal Demo Discs at Walgreens all the time
- Yugioh was not the hit people say it was
- Jetix replaced Fox kids in many peoples minds
- people loved George Bush until 2003
- Bernie Mac show was a huger hit then is told
- Party phone lines made a brief resurgence from 2001- 2002
- Adidas shell toe sneakers were the shoe of choice
- Everyone had a Washington Wizard Jersey back then
- a few people in class  who were white pretended to be black

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