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Subject: EDM in the 2000s

Written By: Dundee on 06/19/19 at 9:03 am

EDM (short for Electronic Dance Music) was in an interesting position in the 2000s. After the Eurodance craze died out throughout the late 1990s, the genre went back to more of a niche and place-spefic genre rather than a Pop chart staple until at least the 2009 Electropop takeover, at least for the US.

In Europe, acts like Benny Benassi, Eric Prydz, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Bob Sinclar, Daft Punk and Laurant Wolf kept the genre mainstream-wise well and alive throughout the decade.

Between 2001 and 2008 I can only really think of two huge EDM hits in the US, "Heaven" by DJ Sammy in 2002 and "Everything We Touch" by Cascada in 2006:


Interestingly both songs are in the Trance genre and are European exports as well.

So, I'm wondering why this huge disparity, what made EDM so unpopular in the US in the 2000s compared to Europe ??? ?

Subject: Re: EDM in the 2000s

Written By: mc98 on 06/20/19 at 1:12 am

Many EDM of the 00s was Trance, Hardstyle Techno, and Electro House. It was really an underrated time for EDM, I don’t understand why the US doesn’t have much EDM hits in the 00s. David Guetta made EDM mainstream in the US back in 2009 with Sexy Chick and Memories.

Subject: Re: EDM in the 2000s

Written By: violet_shy on 06/20/19 at 2:16 pm

I enjoyed anything by Samantha James in the 2000s. She was more Trance with some EDM. Interesting and beautiful music!

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