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Subject: Unpopular Opinion: Late 2000s is an underrated time for music

Written By: NightmareFarm on 04/09/21 at 8:23 am

Everyone seems to universally agree that early 00s was the last good time for mainstream music before it all went to poop and that late 00s music was terrible. Sure, you had some cheesy overly autotuned crappy pop or hip hop songs like Poker Face and Cank That Soulja Boy but for every one of those there are at least two or three great tracks. You had Black and Gold, Morning After Dark, Stereo Love, We made you, 4 minutes, Broken Strings, Miss Independant, Closer, Sober, Just like a pill, U and Ur hand, Flashing lights, Live your life, Viva la Vida, The sweet escape, Love Lockdown, Hey there Delilah, American Boy, Sweet dreams, Halo, Beautiful, With you, The man who can't be moved, Break even, I wish I was a punk rocker, Love story, Meet me halfway, Rockstar, Knock you down, Obsessed, Fireflies, Russian roulette, Umbrella, Paralyzer, Thanks for the memories, This ain't a scene, its an arms race, Dance dance, Bleeding love, Mercy, Jai Ho, Say it right, Maneater, Beggin, The boy does nothing, No one, Release me, Remedy, Everybody in love, Rehab, Shine, Patience, The Fear, etc.

It seems like this era gets a sheeshty rep because of a few electropop artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who rose to the top during this time but there were still a lot of good tracks by other artists with a variety of genres in the mainstream that get ignored when looking back on this time. Its only since 2010 that electropop and EDM completely dominated.

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