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Subject: Emo/Scene culture 2004-2012

Written By: 90skid93 on 06/29/22 at 1:47 am

What did you guys think of the whole emo and scene thing when it was cool?

Was anyone on here ever emo or scene at some point?

I was emo in 2008 and 2009 i remember dying my hair red and that i would wear nothing but dark colors.

I listened to bands like Disturbed My Chemical Romance and As i lay Dying back then as well. 

In my opinion 2006-2008 was peak emo/scene and even though it is technically still around 2012 is when it died and was no longer the in thing anymore and when you started seeing a lot less emo and scene kids.

Subject: Re: Emo/Scene culture 2004-2012

Written By: JacobThePlante on 07/03/22 at 2:33 am

I'd extend it to 2013 actually. Ke$ha's last successful album, Fall Out Boy's return, & Avril Lavigne's HTNGU were from that year. Those were all emo-esque. To me, emo can be divided into 2 phases: Dark & light. The OG emo phase was all about being depressed & gritty, that was from 2003 - 2006. Most of the aesthetic remained intact, but overall emo became more about fun, lighthearted rebellion from 2007 - 2013.

Subject: Re: Emo/Scene culture 2004-2012

Written By: tigerstar96 on 07/19/22 at 6:19 am

I had been in the scene from a really young age. I believe the first time that I had ever seen or experienced the subculture was around probably 2004?
I first found goth.
Alt people like punks and goths had been a trope in a lot of cartoons, even before I understood what it was I had an affinity towards it. I went as far as giving my stuffed animals piercings and mohawks.

Black parade came out in 2006 and I was 10. My friend's cool older sister played the music for us. We already liked avril Lavigne so she thought we would like mcr too. I'll always remember kat because she opened up a whole world of people and music and I despite all these years have never left.

Actually this is why I am here and joining obscure forums from the early to mid 2000s. Generation Z has grown up a bit now and they are really interested in reviving this. But I feel sort of sad because it won't be like the way it was back in the hayday. But it's okay.

I just want to find someone who was into it like me and who remembers it the way I do? If that's a weird thing to say?

I was on myspace really young. I found emo music and the subculture so young. It has basically been ingrained into my identity and I am very much the old meme "it's not a phase mom!!" Except ironically it was not.

I remember all the weird cybergrind from myspace. I loved stripes. Checkerboards. Coontails. Converse vs Vans. Metalcore. Colored shoelaces. Diy haircuts with body razors. Kool aid before manic panic got really popular. Snakebites and septum piercings. Industrial piercings..All the piercings. Dramatic MSN away messages. The long side fringe that covers one eye. The weird choppy side burns. Monster energy drinks. Making jewelery out of said monster can tabs. Knowing damn well you were emo too but denying it with your entire will. Gloomy bear. Warped Tour. Band tees. Studded piano belts. Hello Kitty. The endless arguments over what music was actually emo and what wasn't. Skinny jeans. Those weird jelly bracelets that adults all thought were sexual but weren't (if not ever) usually. Studded collars, or a single black band collar. Arm socks made from actual socks (another one kat showed us). Drawing on your jeans. Writing song lyrics on your arms with sharpie. Vampirefreaks (so dramatic!!). The scene kids and their kawaii dinosaur/monster obsession. Short nails with black polish. Diamond outline being everywhere. Rainbow accessories accenting all black outfits. Thick black eyeliner on everyone. Skelanimals.

The fashion is fun.
But the music is the best part. Over the last decade and a half I've built a library of emo/Metalcore/cybergrind/other generes that were popular with the scene back then.. my library is hundreds of artists long and thousands of songs long (these only include the things I can't find on Spotify!! If I included Spotify music I would have .. well I can't even estimate. I have even more Spotify!! )

Myspace absolutely nuked all of the music that was uploaded from that era. Super extremely dissapointing.thrres an archive that's not organized and I comb through it often. I also am in the process of archiving the remnants of old blogspot music blogs (remember those?). So many broken links but sometimes I find things that seem to be nowhere else on the internet anymore. I upload them to YouTube. There are a few of us who are trying to archive old emo/scene myspace music. Trust me, sifting through millions of unindexed songs trying to figure out if it's online still..or who wrote it.. is absolutely grueling! It's mostly a labor of love for myself. I'm not sure where to post it (and a lot of the stuff back then was really edgy and would not fly today). Or who or what kind of person would even want to listen to this mysic that most people back then didn't even

I wrote an essay here but yeah. I was goth first as a little kid (hilarious looking back on my childhood photos. I was pretty much Wednesday Adams). I found emo and fell in love. Naturally since scene was the thing that was more popular when I was a teenager I lean more towards that end of the spectrum.

Yeah maybe I haven't grown up in a lot of people's eyes. But this is who I am and this dumb funny lil subculture has shaped so many aspects of myself. I try not to feel so weird about it. I never thought that the old punks from the 80s , who never left the subculture, were odd.
I am just a scene kid who grew up and never left. I look a little silly nowadays. well I don't think so much anymore. As I said I noticed it's coming back with zoomers. I see a lot of them looking reminiscent of how I dressed when I was their age. It's cool. I know quite a bit of them seem to look up to me now. They don't quite get the weird myspace music. And they're usually really mostly interested in the "classics" . It's more trope-y than I remember. Though a subculture will always be a little tropey. It seems much more self parodic at this point in time.
I would complain but it would be distasteful. These kids could have just over looked it, and have it sitting underground like it has been for the good part of the last 10 years (I really felt it dying in 2011)

I wrote a lot

But yeah this thing has been my life for a while.
I went through a normie phase in my early 20s but found my way back after a few years at 24.

emo Kidz 4 evr xD

Subject: Re: Emo/Scene culture 2004-2012

Written By: BotleyCrew on 07/19/22 at 3:17 pm

I made fun of it, like most kids. In hindsight, it was pretty cool.

Subject: Re: Emo/Scene culture 2004-2012

Written By: JacobThePlante on 07/24/22 at 6:58 am

everything they said

Wow, you're doing the world a favor trying to recover that lost MySpace music. Since that website was biggest during the 2K's, I can imagine the emo scene took a big hit with that deletion. Anyway I'm one of the Gen Z-ers who remembers emo being big as a kid, & now as an adult I'm starting to get into it myself! I have a crazy red wig and purple spiky choker collar

Subject: Re: Emo/Scene culture 2004-2012

Written By: xX07-GhostXx on 10/12/22 at 12:54 pm

It won't be like the way it was back in the hayday. But it's okay.

Why is it impossible for it to be the way it was? The APA apparently would consider me a Gen Z person since I was born after 1997, but when I read someone else on here, Riven, writing that if it was up to them, the same Emo culture that seemed to end in 2012 would just keep getting remembered, never to be forgotten... I knew I could have written exactly the same thing.

I did, in fact, think 'the world's culture would keep cycling to reflect the years 2004-2012 if I were in charge.' myself before I read Riven saying they would make 2005-2012 perpetually remembered if it was up to them, even if the statement they made wasn't in those exact words.

To add to the talk of the culture as a whole, I must say both the archived pages and current page of paint a good picture. One thing the pages keep in mind is outfits could be more generally dark instead of all-black and still look the part.

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