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Subject: Early Adapters of Streaming Media

Written By: r/crazy on 01/11/23 at 3:34 pm

back in the zeros (and 90s) streaming media was in its infancy and most people used DVD/CD still, netflix/hulu didn't start their streaming until 2007 and before spotify their was Rhapsody in the early 2000s which according to this wikipeda  article (middle of page) was "Rhapsody was the first streaming on-demand music subscription service to offer unlimited access to a large library of digital music for a flat monthly fee" ( Also live streams or "web casts" was around but also in their infancy and many people didn't live stream as much as they do know (As far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong), In fact the oldest  live stream I saw online was Foo Fighters live @ Roswell ( on youtube a few years ago and I was surprised to find that in was streamed live in 2005, I know cams streaming have been around since the 90s but still at a time where almost none owned a smartphone,wow. Have any of you have ever used this early services around the time they came out and how would you describe you experience did they "buffer" a lot, low qual etc. and did people think you were crazy at the time when you used streaming media did people say "you own nothing" on these platforms, people attitudes have changed about this over time, back then people (mostly) brought physical and "owned" thier media well, despite some controversy (  now.... we basically own nothing but I'm curious.

Subject: Re: Early Adapters of Streaming Media

Written By: piecesof93 on 01/30/23 at 11:17 pm

I’m glad you mentioned Rhapsody because I hardly ever see people talk about it. That was the very first music streaming app I used. I think they had sent a CD in the mail and gave me a free trial. I was in awe being able to play multiple songs in a music library without having to download any of them. That was revolutionary! At the time their song catalog seemed huge but definitely would be lackluster by todays standards, as they only had the most popular/mainstream songs available.

Subject: Re: Early Adapters of Streaming Media

Written By: fusefan on 02/01/23 at 11:31 am

Does anybody remember Joost? (Hulu before Hulu.)

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