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Subject: California running short on anti-depressants

Written By: LyricBoy on 11/03/04 at 7:51 pm

This just in from the news media:

California is in the midst of a veritable "bank run" on its pharmacies with regard to all drugs classified as antidepressants.

The entertainment industry and its groupies are now severely depressed that their campaign of fear, denigration, and "political correctness" was resoundingly rejecte by the American voters on both a popular and electoral vote basis:

-Republicans increased their majority in the Senate by 4 seats

-Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle got ejected

-Republicans increased their majority in the House by 1 seat

-Kerry got beat out by 3,000,000 popular votes.

-Marriage constitutional amendments passed in 11 out of 11 referenda.  Closest margin was 59% (Michigan) for, wildest margin was 86% for (Mississippi)

-All of the above renders as B.S. all the talk that Bush and the Repubs are "universally reviled".  If they were, they would have been spanked at the polls, instead of being the victors in a 3-way sweep.

The entertainers are now faced with the fact that they are indeed out of touch with mainstream America, who voted with their, well, with their VOTES.

...All is not lost.  Barack Obama won resoundingly for a Senate seat and will be a great addition, Democrat or not.  And two hispanics also won Senate seats (one Repub, one Dem).  Good progress, but more needed to get proper balance.


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