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Subject: Newest Iraq Kidnapping

Written By: Mushroom on 02/02/05 at 11:42 am

What do ya all think about the newest insurgent kidnapping in Iraq?


Maybe this is a sign that things are gonna change.  Now all we need are fake explosives along the side of the road, and fake torture, maybe use feathers instead of whips.  And instead of killing Iraqi police, the terrorists will just go up scare them.

Although this is a perfect example of how gullible the press really is.  I realized something was funny right away, when I saw the size of the gun in relationship to the "hostage's" head.  The gun was much to large, so I felt something was funny.  I am so glad that is the case.

Subject: Re: Newest Iraq Kidnapping

Written By: GWBush2004 on 02/02/05 at 2:43 pm

Are you kidding me?  First the terrorists in Iraq made a fake video showing a British plane getting blown up, and now they are using action figures to make fake photos to try and fool the American military?  What idiots.  Did they not think we would find out?

I can see it all now:


Subject: Re: Newest Iraq Kidnapping

Written By: Don Carlos on 02/02/05 at 3:04 pm

First, welcome back Mush, I've missed you.

It is kind of amaturish, but disinformation is a very effective propoganda tool which this country (and not just this administration) has used to achieve goals.  Maybe the insurgents are trying to learn how to do it too.

Subject: Re: Newest Iraq Kidnapping

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 02/02/05 at 4:42 pm

I was LMFAO and ROTFL and whatever other cyber acronyms pertain!  It's a toy, it's a frickin' little doll, and nobdy picked up on it before it hit the national media?  You gotta be kidding me!  It didn't take forensic photography expert to spot that one a mile away!
Coming next week, Mr. Bill goes to Iraq and gets kidnapped by Imam Mr. Sluggo!

Subject: Re: Newest Iraq Kidnapping

Written By: Dagwood on 02/03/05 at 8:18 am

I thought it was hilarious.  I was listening to the radio all day with them talking about the newest kidnapped soldier.  They actually believed it was real...then I got home, got online and saw the picture.  How could they not tell?  What morons.

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