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Subject: Gas Prices up due to manipulation...

Written By: saver on 10/20/05 at 6:46 pm

Oh they are getting so EXPOSED, those oil companies...letters found from correspondence within are posted at www.mrkabc.com 

We have plenty of oil and any extra is sent to foreign countries to keep a hold on the market here..nice going guys!

Has anyone else had the theory...our prices go up to fill the pockets of Iraq, as Bush won't have to send more US Fund money to make it look like he's not over compensating them..so, naturally, gas goes up, the money from profits go to Iraq!
The timing seems to look like that is taking place.

Subject: Re: Gas Prices up due to manipulation...

Written By: Powerslave on 10/20/05 at 7:56 pm

You are surprised by this?

Subject: Re: Gas Prices up due to manipulation...

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 10/20/05 at 11:39 pm

So, you got a problem widdat?

Subject: Re: Gas Prices up due to manipulation...

Written By: Mushroom on 10/21/05 at 10:45 am

Oh they are getting so EXPOSED, those oil companies...letters found from correspondence within are posted at www.mrkabc.com 

Oh my God.  You are taking a report from Mr. KABC as gospel?

Do you even know who Mr. KABC is?  Or what his history is?

Mr. KABC was once known as Mr. KFI.  In reality, he is Mark Germain.  Former News Manager for KFI radio, he started his own "call-in" talk show around 1993.  It's premise was "No topic, no guests, just conversation".  It was a joke, because most talk-shows have topics and guests.  In fact, he was so sure that the show would bomb, that he used an alias, "Mr. KFI".  This way it would not affect him professionally.

His "back story" changed many times during his run on KFI.  He stated that he was on parole from prison, where he bounced a check to himself.  Then it changed to having comitted murder while a firefighter.  He also for years claimed to be a black man who suffered from a skin pigmintation disease that covered his entire body (similar to Michael Jackson).

Mark is a Libertarian, and his show is frequented by all kinds of cooks, conspiracy theorists, and lunatics.  He himself has had a battle with "Vegans" for many years.  He often boots callers for saying things like "Ummm" 3 times, or "Carcass" twice.

When somebody famous dies, he holds a "6 line tribute".  This is where random callers are all put on the air at the same time, and give a eulogy to the deceased.  Such people that have been honored in this way is Wolfman Jack (I was one of thoe at the time), Porn actress Savannah, Richard Nixon, Saddam's sons, and anybody else he feels is newsworthy.

And yes, I am a Minion.  I have taken the Oath on the air (both to Mr. KFI and Mr. KABC):

"I, State Your Name, am a member of a small but growing legion of Mr. KABC fans, and I pledge to protect Mr. KABC and his good name from all enemies foreign and domestic."

His show is a parody, and not meant to be taken seriously.  Quite frequently the "guests" (while he has no official guests, frequently he has people "Hang with Mr. KABC") are people who are unable to get on any other radio talk-show.  They are the kind of people who flocked to Art Bell.

And I looked through the site linked.  Although they claim to be "Non-Partaisan", they site looks anything but.  I see them pushing for almost every liberal cause around, and against almost every Conservative cause.  No to Arnold, No to Bill Frist, no to Malpractice caps, no to HMO care, no to Insurance companies, no to big business.

I take this about as seriously as I did Pat Paulsen running for President.

And it does not explain how the oil companies can possibly manipulate the International Commodities market.  After all, that is where the price for gas and oil is really set.  If the high prices were a US only situation, I might accept some of these "theories".  But since it is an international situation (created by speculators trying to get rich), I do not take it seriously.

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