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Subject: Bogus senate resolution

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 06/15/06 at 10:38 am

Today a Senate Resolution proposes yes-or-no-vote on staying in Iraq until Iraq is free, sovereign, united, and safe...
Why is the press spinning this as a trap for Democrats?
The correct vote is "NO," of course. This resolution shows everything the Bushies told us at the beginning of this god-forsaken war to be a big lie. Further more, it is prespammersite. As long as U.S. troops occupy Iraq, the country will NEVER be "united and safe." That much should be as plain as day to anybody who even hears the news headlines from Iraq.
What this REALLY is is the truth sneaking out: The Bushies sent our armed forces in Iraq for permanent imperial occupation to insure the international oil barons wrest control of Iraq's petroleum supply and to permanently destablize the entire Middle East so any subsequent administration has no choice but to keep us stuck in the sand!
Now that the lies are out there, naked and obtuse, it is time to declare this pack of lies packaged as a war OVER, and pull ALL our troops out by the end of the year. It is time to tell the American people we won the "war," but we lost the "mission," because neo-con ideologues who never served a day in the armed forces pushed us into an untenable occupation.
It's time for any conscientious politician, analyst, journalist, or pundit to call the Bush Administration liars and call for impeachment, regardless of partisan ideology.

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