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Subject: Politics & Religious Board Ettiquette - Please Read Before Posting

Written By: ChuckyG on 03/20/07 at 9:36 am

Political board etiquette:

"The topics on this sub-board may be highly inflammatory.

In order to maintain a civil discussion, please be reminded of this forum rule in particular:

Harassment occurs when a user targets another individual to cause distress, embarrassment, unwanted attention, or other personal discomfort. We do not condone harassment in any form. While you may disagree with someone's point of view, personal attacks, or attacks based on a person's race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disablement or other such affiliation, are prohibited. If you have a disagreement with someone's point of view, address the subject, not the person."

The system rules are linked to from every page of the site as "Rules".  Here's a link if you still don't know where to look:

In addition ot the system rules, please observe the following:


Name calling of any form will not be tolerated. See above.

Advocating the death of anyone, public figure or private, is FORBIDDEN.

Refrain from using absolutes. If you belong to Party X, don't say that all members of Party Y are whatever. It's insulting, and it's usually incorrect.

Don't post stereotypes of political parties either.

Have some respect for other's viewpoints. Common courtesy is just that, and don't think that because you are posting over the Internet that your words will not have the same impact as conversing in person.

Sarcasm does not come across well in text form. Please refrain from using it on the politics board.

If you see a post that violates the guidelines, report it but do not respond to it. Two wrongs do not make a right.  Moderators will delete your quoted post as well as the one in violation. Do not respond to posts that violate the site rules!

Think for yourself. Inthe00s.com is not averse to discussing political issues, but that is not the primary focus of the site.  If you want to spew out party line rhetoric, join or make a blog instead of posting it here. You'll be happier and so will we.

The best rule is think before you post.  If someone posts something you strongly disagree with, sit on you hands for a minute before writing a response >grin<.

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