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Subject: Newt and the Nanny State

Written By: MaxwellSmart on 03/12/09 at 8:28 pm

I heard Newt Gingrich wants the government to pay teenage girls not to get pregnant.  Pundits are tittering about this today.

He does want to pay pregnant teens to take prenatal vitamins, pay poor children to read, and give food stamp bonuses for families who select more nutritious products at the grocery store.  The former congressman and speaker of the house wants more governmental efforts to require school kids to exercise and he wants to see more supermarkets in low-income areas.  And yes, according to this article, Newt does think the state should consider paying teenage girls NOT to get pregnant.  Details on how such a program would work have not been forthcoming. 

Just a minute, Mr. Gingrich, I thought the government couldn't do anything right and should be kept out of people's lives.  But now you're saying...

Newt might be ahead of the curve here.  Not in ultimate rectitude, but in the next round of GOP talking points.  The demand for universal health care gets stronger with each passing month.  Newt knows universal health care will be devastating to the insurance industry.  So perhaps it's time for a new red herring: We don't need better health care in this country, we need to take better care of ourselves!

Who can argue with that?

I wonder if this is a sign of the Reagan era's passing.

How is that paying teenage girls not to get pregnant program going to work?  What about paying teenage boys not to get teenage girls pregnant?


Subject: Re: Newt and the Nanny State

Written By: Macphisto on 03/12/09 at 8:44 pm

wow...  this deserves an ultimate facepalm...

Newt wants the government to pay teens to not get pregnant, but this is coming from the same party that fights easy access to condoms and birth control?

Subject: Re: Newt and the Nanny State

Written By: Foo Bar on 03/13/09 at 12:25 am

wow...  this deserves an ultimate facepalm...


Hey, I could have linked to the 2893x1875 version... but if you're after the non-Picard version, Aaw, geez...

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