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Subject: Generation Jones/ Different Generations

Written By: Ryan112390 on 04/26/09 at 6:19 pm

Hey, was watching some stuff from around election time, and I saw Obama being mentioned numerous times as a member of the generation known as "Generation Jones." Now, I study generational stuff, sociological stuff because it interests me. So I did a little research. Back in the '90s, those born between 1946 (or 1945) and 1964 were considered "Baby Boomers"--Apparently because there was a great increase in the numer of children being born in the years post WWII. However, I (and apparently others) always thought that having one generation span 18 years was far too long--A person born in 1945 and a person born in 1964 would tend to have very different generational memories.

So over the past few years, the new catagory is "Generation Jones." The Baby Boomer generation now extends from 1945 to 1953; Generation Jones from 1954 to 1964; and ''Generation X'' begins at 1965. Obama, therefore, is not a member of Generation X but instead a member of Generation Jones, as he was born in 1961. The reasoning behind this is that Boomers are of the Generation that participated in the March on Washington, that is able to remember JFK's murder, that participated in the late 60s peace marches. Those born around '53 and '54 would be mostly too young to have really understood these events at the time or taken part in them.

Some of the key events of Generation Jones memory are: The ending years of Vietnam, Watergate, Nixon resigns, the Cold War, lowered drinking age in many states between 1970 and 1976 (followed by raising), the oil embargo, raging inflation, gasoline shortages, Jimmy Carter's imposition of registration for the draft, punk or new wave from Deborah Harry and techno pop to Annie Lennox and MTV.

Other Generations:

Interbellum Generation (1900-1912)--Members of this generation were usually too young to fight in WWI and too old to actively fight in WWII. LBJ and Ronald Reagan were members of this generation.

G.I. Generation (1913 to 1929): The "Greatest Generation" or ''World War II Generation.'' Many members of this generation fought in World War II; Most later became the fathers and mothers of the Baby Boom and Generation Jones generations; The grandfathers and mothers of Generation X and Y. John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush were members of this generation.

Silent Generation (1930-1945): The Generation which fought in Korea and Vietnam; Older members of which were the parents of Generation Jones. Also the only generation in the 20th century not to produce a President. If John McCain had won in November, he would've been the only Silent Generation President. Vice Pres. Biden is a member of this generation.

Baby Boomer Generation (1946 to 1953)--Generation which did the most active fighting in Vietnam; Participated in the March on Washington, Civil Rights movement, Protested, etc. Most of the members of the rock groups of the 60s and 70s were born between these years, with some exceptions; Rock Music, Soul, etc., was a Boomer phenomenon and flourished as the Boomers came of age and grew up. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were Boomer Presidents.

Generation Jones (1953 to 1964)--Generation which grew up as the Vietnam War became more intense and ended; Watched the events of Watergate unfurl; Participated in the Women's Lib movement, Gas Shortages, etc. 70s Rock acts, Disco, Synth Pop and Hair Metal were the music of this generation.

Generation X (abt. 1965-1979)--Or "Baby Bust" as the Post WWII baby boom ended and birth rates were much lower. Generation born mostly to Baby Boomer and Generation Jones parents. Generation grew up amongst heavy divorce rates, in many single families, with former Hippie parents. Generation X was the "twenty-something" generation mentioned in Time's 1990 issue and had a noted, though not intense, generation gap with the Baby Boomers, who in Generation X literature (such as the book by Doug Coupland which gave the generation it's name) were depicted as self indulgent, greedy people. Generation X gave rise to the Grunge culture in the late 80s to mid 90s, with members such as Kurt Cobain, and others representing them.

Generation Y (abt 1980 to 1995)--Also called the Millenial Generation.

Subject: Re: Generation Jones/ Different Generations

Written By: Macphisto on 04/26/09 at 8:14 pm

It should be interesting to see what the Millennial Generation ends up accomplishing.  I'm of the last year of Generation X, so I have a lot of "millennial" friends.

It should also be interesting to see what the generation after the Millennials is labeled as.

Subject: Re: Generation Jones/ Different Generations

Written By: Samwise on 04/27/09 at 7:07 pm

I thought George W. Bush was also a Boomer...?

Subject: Re: Generation Jones/ Different Generations

Written By: MrCleveland on 04/28/09 at 12:44 pm

I thought George W. Bush was also a Boomer...?

I did too! ???

All I know is that I'm a Gen Y person. ::)

Subject: Re: Generation Jones/ Different Generations

Written By: danootaandme on 04/29/09 at 1:43 pm

Cause something is happening and you don't know what it is do you, Mr. Jones?

-Bob Dylan

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