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Subject: Abbie Sunderland

Written By: JamieMcBain on 06/16/10 at 3:52 pm

Abbie Sunderland, the sixteen year teenage girl, who tried to break her older brother, Zac's record, for youngest solo sailor around the world, was found alive, after nearly disappearing.

So, was it a great idea, or not a great idea, to do what she did?


Subject: Re: Abbie Sunderland

Written By: gibbo on 06/16/10 at 5:51 pm

As a Dad...I would not allow my 18 year old to attempt this feat.  But I admire the spirit of adventure in these kids  and now believe that ...if they are capable and very well prepared (including tracking, support etc)..then why not?

Jessica Watson ....a 16 year old Australian girl just fininished a similar journey. There was an absolute outcry prior to her journey. Her parents were vilified and it seemed the entire country was against her. To make matters worse..she collided with a cargo ship on her first night and her little boat was dismasted. So, the first attempt was abandoned while the boat was repaired.  The media storm surrounding her second attempt was deafening.

You know what?  That young kid sailed right around the world and back home again....and returned to a heroes welcome. There were a lot of people eating their words. However, it could have gone horribly wrong (and worse than Abbie's demise too). If either kid had lost their lives...the parent in me would override the admiration for someone achieving such an outstanding goal (mind boggling really).

This is not to mention that it costed the Austarlian tax payers in excess of $300,000 AUS $ to rescue Abbie.  But I think that is something each country has to cop.

It's a tough decision for a parent to allow their child to willingly be put in harms way. I guess it all depends on the circumstances...

I would hate to see that spirit of adventure snuffed out in this world...

Subject: Re: Abbie Sunderland

Written By: Howard on 06/16/10 at 6:40 pm

To me,It's not a great idea.

Subject: Re: Abbie Sunderland

Written By: LyricBoy on 06/16/10 at 10:16 pm

I would certainly hope that the various entities that launched the search-and-rescue operations because of this frivolous adventure send the bill for their services to the Sunderlands.

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