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Subject: Ke$ha Conquers Pick$burgh...

Written By: LyricBoy on 04/10/11 at 6:36 pm

Pop princess Ke$ha brought her act to the University of Picksburgh and did not disappoint.   8)  Here's the review:

Ke$sha brings her party to the streets for Pitt studentsSunday, April 10, 2011
By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Cathedral of Learning is the towering symbol of education in Pittsburgh. Ke$ha is the towering symbol of PARTY in the pop scene. Together, they made an interesting combo on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The trashy pop princess made her Pittsburgh debut today at the Bigelow Bash, a decadently fun choice by the Pitt Program Council. The free show wasn't promoted outside the University of Pittsburgh community, and judging by the look of the crowd, it didn't seem to draw many outsiders.

Ke$ha's whole image is nocturnal party animal, so it was bizarre seeing her hit the stage on her Get Sleazy Tour with the sun still high. She arrived in an American flag cami, stockings ripped up the sides, wild bleached hair, smeared mascara and blue lipstick, with the majestic Soldiers & Soldiers Memorial serving as her backdrop.  A girl in the crowd said, "I thought she'd look skankier." Not sure what that would have been.

Settling into a diamond-shaped light frame, outfitted with a keyboard and placed high on the stage, she sang the opening lines of "Sleazy": "I don't need you and your brand new Benz/or your boojy friends."

Her band - a drummer on another high riser, keyboardist/guitarist and backup singer - were outfitted like a bird gang from "Road Warrior" with feathers and mohawks. Although it was nice to see them in the flesh, the music was mostly synth-driven, programmed dancefloor thump.

The party didn't start till three songs i,n when Ke$sha came down front with her backup dancers and started shooting off confetti cannons on "Blow." The rest of the hour show was like a chaotic party on stage with Ke$ha raging and dancers running on and off in various garb, from dinosaur masks to black skeleton costumes to the Santa techie.

A friend had asked me if I thought she would lip-synch, like certain other dance pop icons. There was no need for that. There's nothing particularly challenging about her rah-rah vocals, and it's more about the cheerleader energy anyway on songs like "Party at a Rich Dude's House" and "Blah, Blah, Blah." Ke$ha strummed at a rifle-shaped guitar for that one, even though there was no discernible guitar sound in the song.

She didn't say much beyond profanity-laced "I love you's," but she did introduce "Backstabber" as being about a former : "We partied one night and then she stole my car!" Before "Cannibal," she gave the students a little sage advice, "Don't mess with crazy , boys. We'll eeeeet you."

It being a college matinee gig, she shortened the set by a few songs, eliminating some of the non-stop hits and racing blissfully quicker to the climax: "Your Love Is My Drug," which had her wearing a fur pelt and swigging from a bottle of Bud; her breakout song "Tik Tok," with the crowd raising their hands and shouting along; and an encore of "We R Who We R," with Ke$ha looking like a bungee jumper crossed with the bird in "Up."

Santa took the lead vocal on the closer, fittingly a cover of the Beastie Boys' "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)," leaving Ke$ha free to beat on a pinata and execute a hearty stagedive to about the fourth row of fans.

If the point was to stimulate the intellect, as Carnegie Mellon often does with its carnival bands, this was a total failure. If it was to blow off a little steam before finals and party in the street, the Pitt Program Council got the right girl.

Scott Mervis:; 412-263-2576

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Subject: Re: Ke$ha Conquers Pick$burgh...

Written By: youngerderek on 04/11/11 at 10:29 am

lol that girl ....

Subject: Re: Ke$ha Conquers Pick$burgh...

Written By: Creeder on 04/11/11 at 12:01 pm

She's funny and her songs are catchy.
A defining early 2010s performer - yes, will she sound outdated in 5 years - yes.

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